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Conservatives may lose Tiverton: the iconic defeat may spell a disaster

Tiverton is one of those quaint towns that the countryside in the county of Devon abounds in. This constituency is true Tory blue. For a hundred years, Tiverton has consistently voted for Conservative Party candidates. But even in this quiet town it bubbles and broods,...

Modi’s new recruitment rules met with protest in India: people want to stay in army

In southern India, a man has died in violent protests against the army's new recruitment policy. Since yesterday, this has been massively argued against in various federal states. This is the first known fatality. The incident was in the city of Secunderabad in the state...

This is how much the richest people in the world invest in bitcoin

The most wealthy individuals on Earth have discovered bitcoin and crypto. A new survey by consulting firm Capgemini shows that 71 percent of the richest people on Earth invest in bitcoin and crypto. In total, Capgemini surveyed 2,973 individuals for the study, 46 percent...