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Boots and mini: Olya Polyakova surprised sassy outfit

Superblondinka participated in the filming of "League of Laughter".Olya Polyakova shared with followers a photo from filming of the new edition of "the League of laughter." For telephoto in a humorous show Superblondinka chose a very original way.Olya was dressed in a mini dress...

Came the first details about the new Volkswagen Passat

The car will hit the European market before the end of the year.German company Volkswagen has announced the imminent release of the updated Passat sedan. This was announced by the head of the concern Herbert Diss.According to him, the machine will appear on...

Tesla Model 3 has disappointed the American buyers

In a Network there was a lot of negative feedback about the car.Tesla is misleading their customers. This was stated by some owners of the brand new electric vehicle – the Model 3, which went on sale in 2017.American manufacturers have accused that...