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Top 5 soccer competitions around the world

Soccer is an outdoor game that is played in a soccer stadium. This game is so popular that passionate soccer fans come to the place of event from any part of the globe. No matter how remote and distant the place could still be,...

Over a hundred whales saved after massive stranding off the coast of Australia, 400 didn’t make it

Rescue workers on Tasmania have saved a total of 108 whales and brought them into deeper waters. Last week, some 570 pilot whales washed ashore in a Bay of the Australian island. No live whales were found off the coast. It is estimated that about...

Alibaba intends to make 35 billions more on Hong Kong IPO

Ant Group, the financial service provider of the Chinese internet resort, Alibaba, is reported to be aiming for a minimum return of USD 35 billion at its parallel IPO in Hong Kong and Shanghai. That would be the biggest IPO ever. The record is currently...