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The Network got photos of the new convertible BMW 8-Series

The novelty managed to shoot during the tests in Scotland. Premiere of the car will take place no later than the middle of next year. Photospin managed to shoot a revived 8-Series convertible in the body. In photos published by AutoExpress, the car without...

Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru showed a luxury holiday in Saint Tropez

Granddaughter of the famous singer Sofia Rotaru Sonia Evdokimenko went on the Sunny French coast, in Saint-Tropez. 17-year-old girl studying in London, but travels extensively around the world, and in the summer resting or grandma's Italian Villa, or on the Cote d'azur as it...

The nutritionist suggested how easy it is to start eating healthy food

In the pursuit of slimness, many women literally ruin your health. Doctors strongly against starvation and severe restrictions in eating, and instead of diets are recommended to get used to the correct nutrition and not to indulge in food. This was told by the...