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This dozen foods recognized as the most beneficial for the body

Nutritionists have made a rating of wholesome food.The ranking of the most useful products were composed by experts from the European Association of nutritionists and gastroenterologists. The first place it took the tomatoes.Tomatoes are recognized as one of the most useful produktov in...

Charlize Theron attended the event in fashionable black dress

The way the actress was elegant.Recently in Los Angeles held a gala evening to celebrate the opening of a new boutique Mall in Caruso's Palisades Village, which belongs to billionaire Rick Caruso.On this day, the event was seen by many celebrities, including Kate...

The Italian government tightened its immigration policy

According to the new decree foreigners can be deprived of citizenship.The Council of Ministers of Italy on Monday approved the proposed head of the MIA Salvini a decree stipulating strict legal rules in the field of migrants and refugees."I'm happy. This is a...