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Wuhan transition back to normal life begins

In the Chinese region where the coronavirus outbreak began, residents are trying to resume normal life. All travel restrictions in Hubei Province have been lifted, except in the capital, Wuhan. There the restrictions apply until April 8. The authorities decided to relax the measures after...

Roche asks to conserve the test systems, shortages reported

The manufacturer of commonly used tests for the new coronavirus, Roche, calls on governments and health organizations worldwide to use it only for patients who already have symptoms of the disease. Only in this way can the supply of sufficient test supplies be maintained,...

US GDP is still on the rise

The outlook for the US economy rose 0.1 percent in February from a month earlier. That is what research bureau Conference Board based on its index of leading indicators. The indicator rose by 0.1 percent. Economists also expected an increase of 0.1 percent. In January,...