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Among products banned by EU in 2020 due to safety concerns 9 percent are related to COVID-19

Insufficiently protective masks, life-threatening disinfectants and UV sterilisers that caused skin irritation were among consumer products raised by EU authorities in 2020. Of the 5377 dangerous non-edible products withdrawn from the Market, 9% were related to coronavirus. This is what the European Commission writes in...

How Global News Influences the Stock Market

Primarily, stock prices are controlled by supply and demand. If lots of people are buying a certain stock, it automatically increases in price. On the other hand, stock prices plummet if more people are selling a stock. That is where global news comes in....

Taiwan’s drought is an unexpected risk to consider for chip makers

Drought in Taiwan puts the country's chipping production at risk. Companies have been asked to save water now that there has been little rain for months. Chip makers like TSMC let trucks carry water to their various factories to ensure that production does not...