Philippines saw Chinese ships near disputed Islands


Филиппины увидели китайские корабли возле спорного островаPhilippines concerned about the presence of Chinese ships near the Islands of Scarborough Shoal.

The Philippines expressed “deep concern” and require explanation because of the presence near the disputed Islands of Scarborough Shoal in the South China sea, a large number of Chinese ships.

“The presence of a large number of ships in this area that do not belong to the coast guard, is cause for deep concern,” – said the Minister of national defence of the Philippines Delfin of Lorenzana.

According to him, near the Scarborough Shoal was spotted 4 Chinese coast guard ship and six other vessels, including barges blue. As you know, China claims virtually all the South China sea and has previously clashed with Philippine vessels from Scarborough shoal in the South China sea that is claimed by both countries.


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