Pfizer expects to make $15B on the vaccine


Pfizer expects to produce around $15 billion in sales this year along with BioNTech. This is the first vaccine approved in the United States and the European Union to combat the coronavirus.

Pfizer expects to achieve a significantly higher turnover in 2021 by the revenues of its vaccines than last year, reports the company with its quarterly figures. While the US group still achieved a turnover of USD 41.9 billion in 2020, the company estimates for this year at USD 59.4 billion to USD 61.4 billion. The profit will also be higher than the company had previously predicted.

In the calculations, Pfizer relies on the quantities of doses to be delivered agreed in the contracts already concluded. If more contracts are added, the proceeds will also increase.

The company also calculated how profitable the production of the vaccines is. The adjusted pre-tax profits from the drug will be somewhere between 25 and 29 percent of the proceeds, expecting Pfizer. This is about the profit that remains after, for example, research costs, the production and sale of the vaccine. The part of the profit that goes to the development partner BioNTech has also been withdrawn.


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