Petite schoolgirl turned 42-year-old married. Photo


Users of social networks, which admired photos petite Japanese schoolgirl was amazed when I found out that actually it is a 42-year-old married man, who in 2016 for the first time became a father.

As reports the edition Oddity Central, the singer Takuma-Thani, who learned to sing and play piano at the age of three years, began his career in men’s way. However, when he turned 34, he decided to radically change the image. And since then, successful careers under the guise of fragile attractive girls. His height of 1.62 meters and a weight of only 47 pounds, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Now, after pictures of Tanya spread on the network, he became widely known outside its homeland where it has participated in various TV shows and even won first prize in a television contest for transvestites. Takuma has also launched her own line of women’s clothing. Himself acts as the model advertising it.

“I’m here to make all people know you can do what you really want in life! Do not be afraid of what other people think about how you dress and how they behave. Do not pay attention to whether what you wear, your gender and age. Just enjoy life,” says Takuma.


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