People who have become “prisoners” of airports. Photo


Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. ФотоThey settled at the airport.

There are many examples of how people are prisoners in airports leave which they interfere with international rules, bad luck or even their own beliefs. Someone can linger for a day or two, and some fall on much, much longer. These involuntary inhabitants of the transit area lived in airports for weeks or even months.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Mehran Karimi Nasseri

Here, in fact, itself a true story, which formed the basis of the famous film by Steven Spielberg. Sir Alfred Mehran, as he was called airport officials lost the document Iranian refugee, 18 years, from 1988 to 2006, he lived in the terminal of the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle. All this considerable period Mehran read the papers, studied Economics and meticulously recorded everything with it happening in the diary. It is noteworthy that the documents of Mehran was found in 1998, but he refused to leave the airport, and involuntary hospitalization due to the uncertain illness forced him to relocate. Though he left and bought a house in Paris.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Zahra Kamalfar

As Mehran Karimi Nasseri, Zahra Kamalfar was an opponent of the existing political regime in Iran, and was arrested in 2004. Zahra, the mother of two children — son David and daughter Ana managed to escape from prison and get from Iran to Germany. But upon arrival, she waited for the hard blow: in Frankfurt, the German government refused the family asylum, and as they were getting to Germany via Moscow, they were deported back to Russia. But as the Russian government also refused to shelter refugees, Zahra and her children had to spend 13 months in a deportation centre at the airport “Sheremetyevo” and another 10 months in the transit area of the airport. In 2006, authorities attempted to deport the family Kamalfar in Iran, but this idea failed when Zahra and Ana tried to kill herself. Later, the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees provided the ill-fated family refugee status, and in March 2007, Zahra received a residence permit in Vancouver, Canada, which was sent by flight from Moscow.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Hiroshi Nohara

Probably the most extravagant resident airport in the list. A Japanese man, Hiroshi Nohara on their own, and as he put it — “no particular reason” that settled in the first terminal of the international airport Benito Juarez in Mexico city. The native of Tokyo and there was a visa and a return ticket, but to leave the airport he refused. All 4 months spent in a new place of residence, Hiroshi ate the money that he tossed passengers, either ate what was offered to him, the employees of fast food restaurants. According to rumors, in December, to who had already by that time glorified the Japanese came a Japanese woman who invited him to go with her. Nohara on the proposal and agreed to the airport never came back.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Masaki Tanaka

Kindred Hiroshi, 42-year-old Masaki Tanaka certainly stuck in the international airport of Taiwan against their will, and get out of happened to him of history he had. Arrived as a tourist in the city of Taipei the Japanese suddenly expired visa, as suddenly out of a livelihood, and he had no choice but to live in the terminal during the month. He would have continued to eat condiments from restaurants, bags of wasabi and soy sauce that he used for lack of money, if it were not for his laptop. Complimentary Wi-Fi, Masaki began to blog about his misadventures, he was able to draw attention to their fate, and was able to collect enough money to pay the fine for overdue visa and buy a ticket back.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Heinz Mueller

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what people are ready for true love. Take our next “terminalista” — 46-the summer native of Germany. Heinz müller, a retired pilot, met his girlfriend on the Internet, and, leaving everything behind, rushed in Rio de Janeiro, where the mistress called him up. But the girl never showed up, and Mueller decided not to miss the opportunity to study Brazil. His journey ended at the airport, “Campinas”, near são Paulo, when left without money for a return ticket, the German was forced to live in the terminal for two weeks. During this time, airport officials had the impression that Muller suffered from a mental shock, and he was hospitalized, after which his fate is not known.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Sanjay Shah

A few more comical was the fate of Sanjay Shah, a resident of Kenya who wanted to live and work in Albion. Refusing in 2004 from the Kenyan citizenship, Sanjay brought from the documents, only the passport of the citizen of British overseas territories and went. But passport control didn’t consider it a valid argument for the move, and the hapless Kenyan sent back home. In protest against this injustice by the British authorities and fearing to go back (in Kenya it most likely would have waited for the arrest), Sanjay for more than a year settled in the airport in Nairobi. He has achieved his goal and in July 2005, received a British passport, flew to their new home.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Feng The Zheng

A Chinese citizen, Feng the Zheng, a long time engaged in that actively criticized the government of their country. For that, in fact, paid. When Feng returned from a trip to Japan, the Chinese government… it’s just not allowed. And rejected even 7 attempts tongued Chinese to return home. Ultimately, the Zheng Feng left to live in Tokyo International airport, where he spent more than a year, from November 2009 to February 2010. After he was allowed to return to his homeland, where he was put under house arrest.

Люди, ставшие «узниками» аэропортов. Фото

Mohammed Hijazi

The Ukraine-born Palestinian Mohammed Hijazi arrived in far 2000 year, for the purpose of admission to the University of Krivoy Rog. But he studied a short time, after 3 years of high school he was expelled, and in 2009 even deported from the country for various violations. The Egyptian authorities refused to allow Hijazi in Palestine, and he was forced to return to Borispol in the airport, which spent the next six months. According to the Ukrainian laws he was forbidden to enter the territory of the country until 2014, but intervened in the case of the UN, this term was reduced, and Palestinian can enter Ukraine in July 2009.


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