People in Belarus are brought to such a state that they go to second-hand


Людей в Белоруссии довели до такого состояния, что они ходят в секонд-хенд

Recently “Bellegprom” proposed to make the second-hand shops from the regional and major cities. The Chairman of the group believes that Belarus could become a wastebasket for used clothes. We found out where the Belarusian moms dress and how to relate to shopping with beushnye things. Photo source: “Even upset that he learned about Sedona so late,” Irina sometimes buys clothes abroad and in Belarus gives preference to the retailers and second-hand. — I never buy clothes in Department stores for yourself, because the design of these things, “grandma”, the quality leaves much to be desired, and the price is quite high. However, inexperience I bought clothes there for the first child. Thrift and chain stores of clothes in Minsk was not enough. For lack of choice, I began to buy clothes in markets or abroad. Health “the Daughter wears earrings with 3 months”. Mom and pediatrician about how to pierce the ears of children 47 Women’s world “At least a … six”. As the girls about their health and what doctors fear 64 for a Long time I thought I was not able to dig in the pile of clothes and finds something exclusive. Still don’t understand how people seek out cool items on cots in Zhdanovichy. But one day I looked in second-hand near the house and found that all the clothes hanging on hangers. I was even upset that we went there so late: the youngest child was almost 2 years, and for kids there is an incredible amount of beautiful clothes in good condition! And most importantly — great quality! Photo source: archive heroines coat Irina had given 20 rubles in second-hand stores where I bought my first jumpsuit on the membrane. For kids is usually a very good choice, because after them, the clothing remains in perfect condition. I buy there kids jeans, fleece jackets and puffy vests. My husband and I also began to dress in secondhand, bought, took the season, tired — gave to charity. Often come across new things with labels. The only thing I do not take in Sekondi, is shoes. Photo source: archive geronilla cost 4 rubles in second-hand with regard to the latest news even after the closure of the thrift I am not going to the store. Now a lot of retailers — Waikiki, Gloria Jeans etc. the Prices there are discounts almost the same as second-hand, the quality is average, but the composition of the fabric, no complaints. From the Belarusian manufacturers can highlight and Mark Formalle Conte: they have a good model and the normal composition of the tissue, although the clothes wear out quickly. Photo source: archive of germinate managed in the sum about $ 10 Gloria Jeans “Belarusian manufacturers offer clothing at an unthinkable price” Anastasia would like to buy new clothes, but incomes do not allow. — I have mixed opinions about second-hand: sometimes they sell t-shirts stretched, which are more expensive new, and sometimes you can find very high quality stuff for little money. For example, my husband recently bought cool jeans G-star for 20 rubles. If you look on the company website, are worth space money. Then he took the jacket for 30 rubles, and found that it’s a Japanese brand, with prices from 400 euros. Photo source: archive hereinabove jumpsuit was worth 25 rubles in second-hand stores Before, I didn’t understand how poking around in other people’s things. But in conventional stores clothes too, someone trying on, so I overcame the aversion. And financial very have won: my children grew up thanks to second-hand. In a Department store near the house prices on baby stuff space, and I don’t even remember when I bought something at the store. My mother in law several times took the children of Belarus-made clothing as a gift, but I had to return it because of the solid polyester composition and an ugly design. Photo source: archive heroinlike from second-hand stores for 4 rubles For me the importance of fabric composition, unfortunately, the majority of Belarusian things don’t fit my needs. I studied the fabric of clothing for the pupils, it turned out, the synthetics very much. I worked in the shop and sell Belarusian brand of clothing. Sometimes saw some good ideas, but the fabric was disgusting. Rarely come across a good fabric, but then for some reason the model was not adapted to the shape. Or sold fur coats, and the lining was “glass”. Generally, I think that people just brought to such a state that they dress in Sedona. For example, I would like to buy new things in the store, not to seek out your size, in the end, I time lose. But I’m going to the second-hand because I have no other possibility: impossible to buy jeans for the money that they are in good shops with foreign brands. Private Belarusian manufacturers offer clothing at unthinkable price, a person with an average income impossible to buy it. Retailers can also for someone to be too expensive: we all have our own concept of prosperity. See also: Before the birth of a child, the singer went on a shopping tour to Poland. How she managed to save? “Children grow quickly and kill things” Catherine buys clothes in second-hand stores and sales in shopping centers. — I buy clothes for the child in the second or the stock in the stores Waikiki, Gloria Jeans and so things There are almost the same as in second-hand stores, but the quality is worse. It’s not Zara, etc. Although if the clothes are already worn, name brand doesn’t matter. Photo source: archive geronikaki cost 10 roubles second-hand, I choose only clean second-hand, pay attention to the store itself. Basically, it chain stores, not small in the basement (in such I do not even go unclear as there is work clothes). Very often buy things second son: he’s killing them on walks and grows very quickly. The only thing shoes and clothes are always taking new clients. Photo source: archive Girondins cost to 10 roubles each pair second-hand For myself, I rarely find things in the second: it’s not often I see something suitable and beautiful 42 size. However, a couple of times he took his clothes in children’s departments at a great height, but often dress up on the shares in the major shopping centers. Belarusian clothes rarely buy because of the design and high prices, which is in the Mall for the money you can buy 2-3 things imported. “To continue wearing the other bad energy” Tatiana only buys new clothes in shopping malls. — I used to go to second-hand, and then read the one very my esteemed psychologist and business coach that to continue wearing the other bad, in terms of energy and psychological perception. Now I buy new things in the “Bushlike” or Waikiki, own — chain stores in shopping centers. Photo source: archive hereinafier and shirt of shares cost 12 roubles “are Ready to pay more for limited edition and good fabric” Olga appreciates quality clothing made by Belarusian designers, but in second-hand too from time to time comes. In Sedona you can find new neat things at ridiculous prices. With my small height 158 cm usually it’s hard for me to find clothes, but there I find options. For example, used things from H&M and some other brands on the “gnomes”. Photo source: archive gereinigt was worth 1 ruble, and pants — $ 2 in a thrift shop In Department stores rare buy: most often there are all black and dark composition — a solid polyester. And rarely on the growth of the clothing sits. Recently tried on coats at a Department store, and bought the same model in a Mall because they gave me contacts of the factory and promised to shorten the sleeves free of charge. By the way, quite often buy things from local designers at the shows. Like that there are limited series and a good fabric. Ready to pay for it anymore. If the clothes from the Department store gave me patterns and fabric, I would have bought it. Price is not important. And when the “no scenery”, and even half the salary you give, the better, “more norms” for five cents in the second. I have there some great pants on the way out, I buy there sports clothes, clothes for the house and dog walking. The child does almost all take in second-hand stores, except for clothing. Photo source: archive geronikaki and bike — to 6 rubles, jeans — 8 roubles second-hand “Clothes from second-hand worn much better Belarusian” Oksana is dressed in surplus stores and second-hand. — My story of love secodam started a few years ago. I was advised by one of the stores, and finally I decided to look there. Clothes were neatly hung on hangers, sharp or unpleasant smell I did not feel any commodity was a common price. To my great surprise saw things from past collections of my favorite brands H&M, Zara and Desigual. Something that I wanted to buy, but stopped the price or didn’t have the right sizes available. One of my first purchases was the coat of the Spanish brand Desigual is in excellent condition, only 8 rubles. For reference: it cost Wildberries about 550 rubles! Fortunately there was no limit. Since then, I regularly visit such shops and a big part of my wardrobe I prefer to choose there. Now I have my own network of favorite stores where you can buy exclusive items of good quality at an inexpensive price. Although not always triggered a sense of proportion due to low prices. But the extra or unnecessary things you can always give to charity or sent for recycling. I want to mention one more plus surplus of things — excellent quality. Typically worn they are much better than the things our manufacturers or the market of China, do not lose their shape and form even after repeated washings. The Council of any “medium budget” mommy: a child of any age, and especially younger preschool, can be stylish and nice to wear shops stock clothes and second-hand. Where do you buy clothes often?
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