Pediatricians told what to do if my child grinds her teeth in her sleep


Педиатры рассказали, что делать, если ребенок скрипит зубами во снеThis problem may be associated with calcium deficiency.

Popular Dr. Komarovsky has told, what can be related to grinding the teeth during sleep, and debunked one of the myths that can often be found on the Internet.

This doctor said in the social network Instagram.

According to the expert, in medicine there is no definite answer why people grind their teeth. However, this problem has nothing to worms. Komorowski believes that this theory is fiction.

“Fuss and worry should be when this same squeak cause damage to the enamel of the teeth. In this situation, you can contact your dentist who has a special lining on the teeth that protect them from scratch,” writes the doctor.

Komorowski also said that in periods of rapid growth may experience episodes of increased nervous excitability, associated with deficiency of calcium. And one of the manifestations of increased nervous excitability can be grinding the teeth.


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