Pediatricians told what to do at a high temperature in a child


Педиатры подсказали, что делать при высокой температуре у ребенкаAbout the first aid rules need to know all the parents.

In winter most frequently affects children. They are like sponges that absorb viruses, training your immune system.

Pediatricians strongly recommend the appearance of characteristic signs of SARS or influenza in a child to go to the local doctor, because incorrect or delayed treatment can lead to serious negative consequences, such as bronchitis, pneumonia or meningitis.

What if the child has a high body temperature?

Do not panic! One of the key pieces of advice from physicians to parents whose children have temperature is to take of yourself not to succumb to panic attacks. If you faced the fact that the child had a fever above 38.5 degrees, it is best to call the doctor and do nothing that can “lubricate” the history of the disease. In a telephone order, you may wonder what preparation is needed to give the baby if he has a fever, but in any case not to stuff it with syrups and tablets, which turned out to be handy.

To provide the child drink plenty of liquids. It is desirable that any liquid, which you drink a sick child was a little warmer than room temperature, not hot and not cold. You can drink: water, weak tea with lemon, raspberry tea, a decoction of rose hips and chamomile ( the plant may be an Allergy, so Allergy sufferers should be cautious to enter into the diet of chamomile tea) and so on. In these drinks instead of sugar you want to add honey, as it is a natural antiseptic and does not retain water in the body, like artificial sugar.

To maintain a favorable climate in the room where the child is. If it is possible to fasten the battery that was not hot. Ventilate the room every two hours. It is advisable to use a humidifier, but the moisture level should not exceed 70%. Twice daily wet cleaning in the room of a sick baby.

Not to dress up as North, and not to undress, as South, of the child, which is a viral disease, accompanied by fever. Best suited soft moderately warm pajamas in which the patient will be warm and comfortable.

Give antipyretic medication only on the advice of pediatrician. In order not to harm their own child, parents should follow the advice of the doctor, then their child will recover faster and will not experience complications.

Treatment or two of our catch the flu virus, children may be good, but only as additional funding, not core.


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