Peculiarities of the national poverty


Особенности национальной бедности

In January of 2018, the lowest minimum wage in the European Union amounted to 261 euros. According to Eurostat, this minimum salary in Bulgaria is not too flourishing in the world today.

The minimum wage in Russia in may of this year will be close to the subsistence level – 160 euros, will be less than that of the poorest in Europe.

In dashing 90-e at us was a fashionable question: “If you’re smart, why poor?” Asked him, as a rule, people are cynical and smart, who managed to deftly use extortionate reforms of Gaidar – Chubais and “wild market”. Those days are gone, creating a caste of oligarchs, and now it is time to ask differently: “If Russia is so rich, then why are there so many poor?”

Economists from the government and colleagues Kudrin explain this technological backwardness, low productivity and almost lazy nature of most people. These speeches are as far from reality as our government far from the people.

According to the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, “the government’s economic policy is focused on a single task – the protection of the interests of the Federal budget that is itself. At any cost, even at the cost of economic slowdown, the fall in the standard of living of the population”.

In January-February of 2018, real incomes continued to fall, and Russian billionaires, as evidenced by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, made a fortune by $ 11 billion. All foreign researchers in Russia account for 180 people with a fortune of over a billion dollars.

The richer they are, it appears, does not prevent “low productivity” or “technological gap”. On the contrary, the number of billionaires we have in the lead, occupied the fifth place in the world after USA, China, Germany and the UK. It turns out it is not in bad work of our citizens, and who and how to divide they have created the country’s wealth.

In a recent address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin has demanded in the six years to halve the level of poverty: “We need to solve one of the key challenges for the coming decade is to ensure consistent, long-term growth of real incomes of citizens”.

Right now begin?


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