Peace enforcement


Принуждение к миру

Beats the SU-57 in the Syrian Huta helped Americans to become compliant.

The new multi-purpose aircraft in the Russian air force su-57 arrived in Syria about 2 weeks ago, took part in the sortie. In detail reported previously.Su-57 day leveled with the ground bases of terrorists in Eastern ghouta

Su-57 started to do what Russia promised to attack the enclaves of the “rebels” in the Eastern ghouta region East of Damascus. Su-57, struck a powerful air strikes and destroyed a large amount of equipment and manpower of terrorists in Eastern ghouta. But as it turned out, there were mercenaries from American PMCs.

Syrian media reports that the East Huta was up to 2,000 American soldiers to this figure must be added another, and the NATO soldiers who “do not understand” what they do. American fighters and terrorists is to be considered separately, they lost a lot more.

The state DEPARTMENT tried to contact Moscow, but received no response. As Lavrov said in Munich: “the time for talk has passed, it is time of retribution.” And indeed it is to endure the antics of the United States or in Syria or another place, Russia is not going. Too often, American friends of the Syrian opposition all the Scam, breaking the truce.

To the extent that, as events unfolded, the UN security Council elaborated on Syria resolution on a ceasefire in Huta, which Russia has blocked, saying Moscow will agree to a resolution only under the condition that the ceasefire would not apply to U.S.-backed terrorist forces.

The US did not agree with this item and the UN struck him. And then Russia started to bomb ghouta with the Syrian army.

Perhaps the American generals had not expected such a development. As officially said that the arrival in Syria of stealth aircraft SU-57 has considerably complicated the work of the aviation of the coalition. And in fact the coalition aircraft had completely stopped flying , after the arrival of Russian Crackers.

In connection with the critical situation in Syria, the United States adopted the amendments of Russia on truce in Syria.

The UN security Council on Saturday, February 24, voted for the adoption of a resolution on the ceasefire in Syria for 30 days. As reported by AFP, the security Council members voted in favor unanimously.

The resolution should enter into force “without delay”; the truce will last 30 days. As Reuters writes, the main goal of the declared ceasefire is to provide access to humanitarian services, and to evacuate the wounded

And as everyone knows there’s quite a few wounded. And most importantly , that it is not only the Syrian opposition , and American and NATO soldiers.

In accordance with the original provisions of the draft resolution, the ceasefire did not apply to actions of the groups “Islamic state” and “Frente al-Nusra”, but the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the resolution needs to go further and to exclude from truce, and some other groups, “cooperating with them”.
In particular, Moscow proposed to remove from the list the Alliance of jihadists “Hayat Tahrir al-sham”, which is associated with “al-Qaeda” and operates in the Eastern ghouta, as well as rebel groups in the enclave, which cooperate with the “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” and shelled the neighboring areas under the control of government forces.

Before the vote in the security Council, Western leaders tried to exert pressure on Russia in order to avoid blocking of the resolution. So, the President of France Emmanuel macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin with the request to support the decision of the Security Council.

But it is clear peace enforcement in Huta changed the opinion of the leaders of Western countries.


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