Payments to the families of those killed in two disasters, the Boeing 737 Max can exceed $ billion


Выплаты семьям погибших в двух катастрофах Boeing 737 Max могут превысить $ миллиард

Boeing and the insurance companies have to spend more than a billion dollars to compensate the families of those killed in the plane crash 737 Max, calculated by researchers from the Bloomberg Intelligence. They proceeded from the amounts of compensation awarded earlier as a result of similar proceedings.

The compensation will be more if the court will prove that Boeing knew about the potential problems. The Agency reminded investors the company has already filed for her in court that she withheld information about the risks.

According to the laws of the state of Illinois, which houses the headquarters of the Boeing Co., the amount of compensation will depend on the exact time during which the passenger knew what was going to break. In the crash of the Boeing 737 Max, Ethiopian Airlines March 10, 2019, killed 157 people. The plane crashed six minutes after take-off. In November 2018 the aircraft of the same model of the airline Lion Air fell in Indonesia 11 minutes after takeoff, killing 189 people.

Previously it is established that in both cases the pilot for several minutes tried to equalize, lost control of the aircraft. According to some lawyers, it suggests that the passengers knew what was going to die. Lawyers have expressed the opinion that the company will try to settle claims before trial.

In both accidents, the erroneous sensor signals of the angle attack led to the automatic turning on the system to prevent stalling, which lowers the nose of the plane, trying to balance it. To disable this system pilots are unable. According to The Wall Street Journal, Boeing knew about the discrepancy in the software a year before the disaster in Indonesia, but to rasschityvaetsya crashing with a planned upgrade of the entire software.


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