Pawn shops are flourishing, Ukraine is bent: the citizens are the last for the money


For pawnshops in Ukraine now is the Golden age. People carry to the pawn shop not only gold, but also the technique with the equipment. Such places appear like mushrooms after rain, and more and more Ukrainians caught in their net.

The Director of the Department of quantitative research, TNS Elena Siletsky says that 88% of Ukrainians consider the pawn shop as a way of making money.

Last year, the majority (87%) of respondents pawned jewelry and articles of precious metals. But this year the trend is changing — there will be more variety of digital and household appliances, construction tools, sports equipment and the like.

“88% of people believe that the pawn shop is a place where they can quickly, simply and in a very understandable and clear conditions to get the money they need in the moment and for a short period of time”, — said Siletsky.

She notes that lending at the moment is not only on the security of precious metals. In the pawnshop can be attributed technique.


“There is a tendency that in the following years because less people now planning to take loans under the guarantee of precious metals, will be to develop other collateral things. Also there is a tendency of obtaining a loan secured by equipment. Technique can be varied, it and digital, and construction, and household appliances,” — said the expert.

70% of people believed that the pawnshop is not only a place where you can quickly get the money, but it is also a place where you can buy cheap good quality stuff. 25% of Ukrainians openly declared that turn to pawn shops to hold you over till payday. However, the actual number, according to the researchers, is 65%. Some people are just shy.

In Conditions of a declining economy more and more Ukrainians are in a pawn shop last. The older generation gives jewelry made of precious metals, the youth leaves the technique. Financial illiteracy and the need forces people to continue to pay 160% annual.

Ломбарды процветают, Украина загибается: граждане несут последнее ради денег

Pawn shops appear even in the courtyards of houses.

Ukrainians are attracted by the fastness and simplicity: 20 minutes, passport ready. While Ukraine’s economy is in a steep dive, and people urgently need to patch holes in the family budget, pawn shops will thrive. As they say, to whom war and to whom and mother is native.

Now pawn shops appear almost everywhere, almost in the courtyards of houses. Major players intend to expand their network three times. One can only guess who “protects” the business. For them the worse things in the population, the thicker their wallet.


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