Pavel Grudinin and his puppeteers: Washington Post office burned


Pavel Grudinin and his puppeteers: Washington Post office burned

Western puppeteers Grudinina proved. In the “Washington Post” published an article which explicitly States that Grudinin is the only hope of the United States to overthrow “the hated Putin’s regime.” Alexei Navalny was indicative demoted.

Allegedly, Navalny, of course, good videos on YouTube nags, but Grudinin can count on great support of the Russian electorate. So losing “horse-Bulk” removed from the race.

Oh and that’s funny to read how the Washington regional Committee praises the candidate from the Communist party. The US is supposedly going to use the werewolf-Communist return in Russia socialism. Well, who would believe in it?!

An American journalist is proud of the Farm named after Lenin as if it is the economic achievement of the States. Of course, the article says nothing about how the future oligarch Grudinin squeezed state Farm from farmers with the help of bandits. Or about how he flooded the Russian market of imported strawberries under the guise of the suburban. Or how used to enrich the labour of illegal migrants and Russian volunteers.

In the article “Washington Post” none of the acute angle: a model Farm, and Grudinin his exemplary leader. It’s just like the West is. Only thing missing was a happy family that ate a strawberry Grudinina for Breakfast and sent him the rays of goodness and happiness with BSOD.

The advantages of candidate psevdokommunist American journalist notes the existence of airtime on Russian TV channels, the support of the liberals, the opposition and people nostalgic for the Soviet Union. A good candidate from the Communist party, isn’t it?! The US, the liberals, the opposition: who else will support Grudinina?

The leadership of the Communist party “does not notice” that their candidate is infinitely far from the Stalinist principle of “criticizing – suggest”. Grudinina closer naualinsky populism. Do not disappear as the program?!

By the way, the Pro-Western boots and Murzilki, including Parkaboy, overseas orders have heard, a switch to active practicing Grudinina in the Network. The number of materials narrating about the “simple Russian success story”, and “the people’s support Grudinina” just rolls. And here are the fakes:

Павел Грудинин и его кукловоды: "Washington Post" спалили контору

Pavel Grudinin


While bots are hard to write about popular support Grudinina, the candidate from the Communist party did not recognize the young Communists. Young party activists are rightly outraged that they slipped costumed Communist oligarch. Dissatisfied with Grudinina will literally break through the knee – namely, bring on the bow.

Павел Грудинин и его кукловоды: "Washington Post" спалили контору

Pavel Grudinin


And so it creates the illusion of support Grudinina: want or not, and come to the meeting and 6 people, at least, bring. I would still and online broadcast organized, and bots worked. Fucking surrealism.

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