Paul Rust: my Dear Crimeans


Павел Раста: Дорогие мои крымчане

I very rarely write in the genre of open letters. Well, I don’t like this, what can I say. Every time I hear about it – just remember the phrase Vysotsky about writing letters to “Sportloto”. But sometimes, in exceptional cases, there are exceptions from any rules and any habits. This is the case now came. Something that causes persistent and irresistible desire to speak directly and direct speech. And to say a word now I want their new citizens of course and no doubt our Crimea. An integral part of my great homeland, three years ago, returned under its sovereign jurisdiction in the Wake of Russian Spring. But just to tell you I’m tough, my fellow citizens. Excuse me – that’s life. So.

My dear Crimeans!

A few days ago, your distinguished President, Mr. Feldman made a statement. Or was it an interview? I honestly don’t know. Yes, I care, to be honest. The form here does not matter. Has the value of the contents. And it was this: the head of the Crimea, Mr. Aksenov told that his subordinate of the Peninsula there are two major threats – the terrorist activities of the militants “Right sector” and the massive arrival of refugees from the Donbass. That is, in fact, Mr. Feldman on the official, even if your local level, equated one to another. Here so simply took and put Bandera militants and those whose relatives are at war with them, on a shelf. And, at the same time, and recorded them all into “second class citizens”. You know, I have a lot to say in this regard about Mr. Feldman. And about his relatives, personal preferences and personal system of values. But I’m not going to do that. Just don’t want to. Because he is nothing more than a talking head. Banal snickering official, lost the shore. And the situation is in General much larger personality of Mr. Aksenov. Therefore, my speech to him, and to you, my dear Crimeans. Because the determining factor here is not his, and your attitude. In General. And do not say that he himself, and you’re on your own. That’s not true. I know that, and you know it.

Because this ugly thing is far from unique. And your beautiful, Sunny Peninsula, perhaps without knowing it, spawned a whole bunch of them. Big and small. The current, in the end, one big and quite an obscene picture. And, to be honest, that I write you today, I wanted to write three months ago when your Crimean FMS equated the people of the Republics to “foreign nationals”. Don’t make empty words that FMS is not you. Talking about that, they say, “come”, from your side I see for a long time. But the objections do not watch. You happy with the situation. And if so – that means, no offense.

So that you understood – for me the problems of Russian citizenship and “residence status” does not exist. Because my passport is red. It is by nature, by birth, and not by someone’s “Supreme order”. Here only I do never boast. Well, there is. Any special emotions in me, this fact does not cause. But you causes. Moreover, obviously. You know, there is such a wonderful country South Africa. And it once, was still more remarkable mode – apartheid. So, you know, who in the then South Africa were the racists? No, not white Afrikaners. They approached the question without any particular emotion. But the biggest racists were the Asian Indians. They triple our zeal equated and built the Negro population. At the same time, humbly looking to the Afrikaners in the eye. Why do you think this happened? I can only assume that due to the primitive systems – being aware of their “uncertain status”, they are only slightly rising over the Negro, began possible to play these same complexes on them. It reminds nothing to you, my dear new fellow citizens?

No, this is a good thing – be proud that you are now citizens of great Russia. But that’s just the pride of the pride of the strife. And when I see your arrogant arrogance towards my brothers and sisters from the Donbass – I don’t see the patriots of my country. You remind me of a slightly different category of people. And you’re driving yourself in this moment, as a young major, who is well-off father gave latest model of the iPhone. And ignoramus so puffed up that he began to behave like he’s earned this gadget and have not received it as a gift from the parent. But what is surprising: life shows that those who actually earned myself, do not behave. I wonder why?

By the way, about who and what is earned. When Crimea was reunited with Russia, I, like everyone, was excited. And I still genuinely and sincerely proud of it. But, for that matter, answer me this: Crimea has paid at least one drop of blood for their freedom? You know the answer. And do not try to bring those whom Bandera was beaten to death at Korsun. They (the bright memory of him) do not have this issue irrelevant. And the truth is that the Crimea didn’t give any life for that. Donbass gives. Every day. Every hour. And not only for their freedom, but for yours too. Because if not for Donbass, all this happened would now be at home. If you say no? Well, well, speak on. But it doesn’t change the fact that your current peace and status – not your merit, but the gift of God. So, will you stop Him to anger? And in fact, He may change his mind. You such a thought had not occurred? Because, if you than and different from the people of Donbass, not for the better. And the fact that they have red passports there, and you have, I personally perceive as the greatest injustice and ingratitude. Which it is necessary to correct any price.

When you’re trying arrogantly to call these people “Ukrainians” – look at yourself a little deeper. And remember exactly who so behaved towards their brothers and sisters. And if you remember hard, I hint. That small part of the population of Donbass, which stood for “Ukraine” and fled to her after the beginning of the revolution, faced the territory under its control with such attitude. As what is now show you, happily waving her new passport. And talk the same. They say that the residents of Donbass devour you. They say they are migrant, and you are the true Russians. I at this point, the word “true” is always mentally replace “spravne”. What? So it looks more organic. Especially when the sounds from the representatives of the region, which itself is 100% subsidized. Which all other Russian regions restore in sweat after 25 years of Ukrainian looting. And these same regions can help to Donbass. Depriving myself. Yes, and Russia is not as smooth as I would like. But at least one of those regions you have seen such boorish antics, which currently allow you, my dear Crimeans? Think about it for leisure.

You know, I’ve lived four decades, and understand that the most useless thing in the world is an attempt to appeal to someone’s conscience. And your I also will not appeal. Just to say that in the Crimea to visit I always wanted. Now I don’t want to go there. I have no desire to leave their money in your economy. I even communicate with you there is no desire. And those Crimeans that heroically fought for the Donbass, does not diminish your collective guilt. Yes, Crimea is our. But for me personally it never will be as long as the Donbass will not become our. And his people will no longer be humiliating in the land of their great Motherland snickering bureaucrats and individuals. Humiliate only because their passports are not this color. They – much more Russian, and much more worthy to be citizens of my country than you, my dear Crimeans.

To you I can only say one thing. Like to be Russian? Then stop acting like a dill.

All the best to you.

The news Agency “new Russia” also published the response of Crimea, the correspondent of the publication “Newsfront” Sergei Veselovsky for the material.

Paul Rasta (call “Shakespeare”)


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