Participants of the renovation relocated to the swamps


Участников реновации переселят на болота

At the beginning of the second decade of November, the head of the Moscow Department of construction Andrey Bochkarev said that the programme of renovation of Moscow five-story building designed for residents to the demolition of “Khrushchev” will build about 200,000 square meters of new housing in the place infamous throughout the country, protracted, Hovrinskaya an abandoned hospital.

As is well known, its construction was stopped in 1985, presumably in connection with absence of financing, whether due to gross errors made in the planning stage. Soon, a vacant building overgrown with a dense tangle of legends, involving satanic rituals and human sacrifice, and the ghosts of the dead in the Elevator shafts, people, utaskivaet visitors into parallel worlds, and a secret underground military laboratory, and more. For certain to understand, what of all this happened in reality and what is fiction, does not seem possible

Many excited locals seriously believe that the place is really “evil”. Say, unbelievers Soviet builders began to build the hospital, “bones”, dropping under the vintage tractor graveyard, triggering “revenge response” of the underworld. However, more likely, in the opinion of the pragmatists, is the version according to which the current state of unfinished — flooded with groundwater and the basement is almost completely pushed to the ground the first floor — the result of sloppiness, not been eliminated so far. Like, thus the river Likhoborka river, whose Bank was very swampy, and so treacherous the soil just was not duly taken into account in the planning stage.

In this regard, many ordinary people, the question arose whether it is possible in principle, the construction of heavy high-rise residential complex, this place and do not start it after 10-15 years of operation in a similar way to “sink”?

Yakov Litvinov, General Director of building holding REAL Development, as well as other experts of the construction industry, respondents, “SP”, I’m sure marshy soils cannot become a circumstance that makes it impossible to new construction on this site:

— That now is a “legendary” building in the underground part of the flooded and destroyed is a consequence of the initial errors in design and survey works which were carried out before the construction of the hospital. Today, construction technology in the “base-Foundation”, has gone far ahead, so build a reliable building, this place won’t be a problem. Using, for example, drilling piles as building foundations would almost certainly solve this problem.

Fear that in 10-15 years, built on the site of “zabroshennoi” residential building will start to sink and be flooded by groundwater, as it is not necessary, adds the commercial Director of BSA Alex tooth:

— Saint-Petersburg, Paris, Houston, Berlin, London, Brussels, Baku, Tbilisi — all these cities were built on marshland. However, neither historic building nor do not experience serious problems with subsidence of the Foundation. Old houses — rekonstruiruet and strengthened, new houses are built on modern technologies that help to prevent such destruction.

Finally, he adds that in Russia there is the name Gersevanov NIIOSP, which specializiruetsya including the design and construction of foundations and underground buildings in severe climatic conditions. This research Institute is part of the research center of Construction which, together with Mosgorexpertiza, reviews and approves the design choices. Without their approval and positive conclusion, the developer will not be able to obtain a building permit. Taking into account the fact that construction will be directly controlled by the authorities of the capital, it is likely, says Alex tooth, no problem with the quality of the buildings will not occur.

This assumption, of course, warms the soul, however, many Muscovites, for decades standing in a queue on improvement of living conditions, huddling for 5-7 persons in the ten-meter communal apartments, I remember very well how the city authorities took this process under his control, cheerfully took off with most of the status of the needy due to the fact that some of their distant relatives were found in ownership of some abandoned hut-heap without Windows and doors somewhere in the taiga. While some Russian families suffered because of the bungling of the neighbors, to this day I can’t forget, as has the Federal government after a series of explosions of household gas has promised to take strict control of the situation with gas stoves in all Russian apartments. Soon a tragic emergency with the gas and lethal outcomes prespokoynenko resumed.

In addition, the fact that Moscow officials had to undertake the development of the plot, which any investors repudiated by all crook and fled like the devil from incense (despite the fact that it is, in principle, the same super-expensive Moscow land, for which investors in other time ready all sinew tear), can be called alarming.

It says — explains the General Director of “Urban reconstruction of five-story building” Valery Chernyshev, — that the city is facing serious problems with finding free places to build at all. And, in principle, does not hide. So for those five plus thousand homes that are initially included in a program of renovation, grounds just is not enough. Meanwhile, many Muscovites still hope in life to enter the promised new and better apartment.

Developers, by the way, were not eager to enter the area due to the fact that the place is “cursed”, as suggested by many ordinary people, and quite different, more prosaic and banal reasons.

You can’t say that this site is very interesting from the point of view of development, — says member of the affiliate network of CBRE, managing partner of “Metrium Groups” Maria Litinetskaya. — On the one hand, a few minute walk Grachevsky Park station commuter rail Khovrino. The advantages include the long-established infrastructure of the area, because nearby there are all — kindergartens, schools, shops. However, this advantages of the location end and begin disadvantages. The transport situation in the district difficult. The nearest metro station “Rechnoy Vokzal” is a 25-minute walk away. Soon, of course, it is planned to open metro station “Khovrino”, but the station will be located within walking distance of the site. To get to the center in any case have instead.

In addition, the expert adds, the reputation of the place also plays into the hands of locations. Hovrinskaya hospital has long gained fame as one of the most mystical places not only in Moscow but throughout the country. Moreover, residents of the area trying to get this unfinished building has not only because of superstition but for quite objective reasons: abandoned hospital has become a center for dubious characters.

So even if we assume that known among the nonconformists as “umbrella” ruins of a unfinished hospital will be successfully removed, and in their place would rise to the sky tower high-rise residential high-rise buildings, equipped with powerful waterproofing and built without any violation of technological requirements (what, hand on heart, still hard to believe), it is alarming situation may still escalate. And to do this will, likely, themselves as future inhabitants of these places.

Because when there is an opportunity to improve their living conditions and to change lives for the better, on the stage usually are those who never anything he wants, says the Chairman of one of the capital’s cooperatives, included in the “Urban landowner’s Association” Svetlana Jalilova:

– Usually it’s a neighbor who is not respected in his house, but tries to establish itself at the expense of other tenants, spreading negativity throughout the house, spreading rumours, saying nasty things, intimidating neighbors different stories, bringing other people’s examples, while in return offering nothing. “Negativity” I live by the principle don’t want me to have well I wish the neighbors was worse. Often they are on the house covert propaganda: throw in the mailboxes anonymous, call neighbors, spread in the entrance of various rumors, without checking the information and without understanding the situation. Intimidating people with all sorts of tall tales, “negativity” all sorts of “horror stories” are deprived of their will and desire to change lives for the better, turning people into passive, weak-willed mass. And in the end, “negativity” triumph, nothing has changed, but “things are there” and the life goes.

Considering how “faithfully” the government “helps” adequate citizens to solve infrastructure and transportation problems in new neighborhoods, we can assume that even with modern technology life in the areas of renovation for so long will come back to normal, which is now almost forgotten Soviet slogan “but our children will be better than us” will again be at the peak of popularity.



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