Parsley is indispensable in diseases of the kidneys


Петрушка незаменима при заболеваниях почекAmazing properties of parsley for beauty and health.

Our ancestors knew about the benefits of parsley and include it in your diet is the root and stems of this unique seasoning actively used
in the recipes of traditional medicine and the Board of cosmetologists. Parsley is a true storehouse of the most useful vitamins and minerals. Parsley provides potassium, manganese, vitamins C, B1, B2, K, carotene. Only 25-30 g of fresh parsley cover the daily requirement of vitamin C.

First, parsley is wonderful as a preventive tool for cardiovascular diseases. It helps to lower blood pressure and normalizes the bowels. Also eating parsley will help to establish a dream – you will be able to fall asleep and Wake up with a clear head, fresh and rested.

And fresh parsley is normalizes metabolism, work cardiovascular system. It improves well-being in different kidney diseases. Helps with hair loss. To do this, prepare a decoction of fresh parsley. Take 50 g fresh parsley leaves, crushed them, pour ½ liter of water, simmered on medium heat for 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth is filtered, diluted with a small amount of warm water and use for rinsing hair clean

Also the juice of parsley is weakened strengthens the gums, makes breath fresh. Enough to chew a green sprig of parsley to get rid of unpleasant mouth odor.

To look constantly young, just a daily drink fresh parsley. Even the parsley helps with edema – in this case it acts as a diuretic. You need to take 150 g fresh parsley, chop it, pour ½ liter of fresh milk. Close tightly with a lid and put in the oven to languish. The decoction should paritsa half. Then he allow to cool, strain. In the first week should be taken every hour to 1 tablespoon.

Parsley also helps to relieve swelling by the bite of bees or wasps. Enough to grind or chop the plant in a mortar and slurry was applied to the bite. It privinchivayut and left overnight – the pain immediately recede, and in the morning and won’t leave a mark – all parsley pull.

This crispy vegetable pot helps to cleanse the body. Need overnight finely chop a bunch of parsley and to finish a glass of kefir or curdled milk. All mix and drink. You provided a fresh complexion and good health.

But if in salt-parsley cocktail add a small clove of garlic or some ginger and chopped dill, then this drink will increase metabolic processes. It can help you to lose weight.

But it is important to remember the contraindications to the use of parsley. First, remember that it is a strong diuretic, which should not be abused for urolithiasis. When pregnancy is parsley doctors do not recommend – it actively stimulates the uterus and may even cause miscarriage.


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