“Paradise island” in Greece was gripped by a major fire


Because of forest fire, residents of the four villages on the island of Euboea evacuated.

After other parts of Greece, where last week started forest fires, the fire spread and the island of Euboea, according to the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

As of August 13, the fire front burning in the pine forest stretches for 11.5 km, and a pillar of flame rose up to 30-40 meters in height.

Prevailing storm wind only fanned the fire, and when on 14 August, the wind started to subside, rose more smoke. Experts warn of possible re-ignition, even where the fire had been put out.

For security purposes, residents of the four settlements of Makronalli, Contadictory, Stavros and Platania – it was decided to evacuate to other localities.

To fight a forest fire has already attracted 7 fire fighting aircraft, 9 helicopters and about 300 firefighters, soldiers and volunteers. Fire aviation in Greece has sent to Italy and also promises to send Spain.

While it is known about one affected. According to the Fire Department, the fire have not got, but burned several cars.


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