Palm oil. The benefits and harms


Пальмовое масло. Польза и вред

Palm oil made from the fruit of the oil palm. And the oil extracted from the seeds of this palm, called palm kernel oil. In Russia began to use palm oil recently. It is perfect for baking and confectionery products, particularly those intended for long term storage. Currently, widespread palm oil, the benefits and harms of which are still being studied, and around him, the debate continues.

Пальмовое масло. Польза и вред

The use of palm oil

Due to its interesting chemical and physical properties of palm oil has become one of the most common types of vegetable oil in the world. Also due to the fact that it is easily accessible and is very cheap. Palm oil is highly resistant to oxidation, so it can be stored for a long time.

Basically, palm oil is used in food industry. It is used in the preparation of waffles, biscuit rolls, cakes, creams, it is fried foods. Palm oil is part of the cream cheese, condensed milk, combined oil, it is added to curd desserts and curd. Many modern formulations are not without palm oil. They also partially replace milk fat. Generally it is easier to list those products in which there is no palm oil than those in which it is present.

Palm oil, the use of which is not limited to the food industry, is also used in the manufacture of candles and soap. In cosmetics it is usually used for the care of dry and aging skin, as it nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Palm oil is very useful in some diseases. For example, when vision problems: night blindness, blepharitis, glaucoma, conjunctivitis and others. Due to its medicinal properties, palm oil is recommended to be used for the treatment of various diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Пальмовое масло. Польза и вред

The use of palm oil

Many people wonder: “Palm oil is harmful or useful?”

If we talk about its benefits, we first need to emphasize that it contains large amounts of carotenoids, powerful antioxidants of great value to the human body. Carotenoids have a positive effect on damaged hair and skin. So it is used by many famous cosmetic companies.

Palm oil is a leader in content of vitamin E, which consists of tocotrienols and tocopherol. Tocotrienols are extremely rare in plants, they fight free radicals, which provoke the appearance of cancer.

Palm oil is rich in triglycerine, which are digested very quickly, and when the liver, then go to energy production and not into the bloodstream. This oil is especially useful for people, bad digesting other fats, as well as those who are watching a figure and athletes.

Also, palm oil has a lot of unsaturated fats: oleic and linoleic acids, which help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. These acids are involved in the structuring of bones, joints and healthy skin.

Pro-vitamin a maintains the analyzer view, is involved in the production of the visual pigment of the retina.

Пальмовое масло. Польза и вред

Palm oil. Some numbers…

Harm palm oil

The main harm of palm oil is high in saturated fat. Such fats are present in butter. Many scientists argue that the consumption of a large amount of saturated fats contributes to diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Linoleic acid in palm oil contains just 5 % , is from this indicator depends on the quality and price of vegetable oils. In vegetable oils contains on average 71 – 75% of this acid is and the longer it is, the more valuable the oil.

Statistics from the world wildlife Fund says that half of all packaged products contain palm oil. Companies are increasing production of this oil, and to this end cut down the rainforest, and in their place are planted the plantation of oil palm. In the result of deforestation die rare species of animals — also indirect, but harmful.

As it turns out, palm oil is harmful or beneficial? Surprisingly, the benefits and harms of oil comparable. For example, due to the saturated fats of the oil consumption problems with the heart, but at the same time it contains vitamins a And E, which make the palm oil is useful for the prevention of heart disease and cancer. Palm oil is valued for its content of linoleic acid, but at the same time, it is much less than in other oils. A strange combination of useful and harmful properties, it turns out — maybe the researchers were British scientists or something wrong? No, everything is much easier — palm oil is of several varieties.

Пальмовое масло. Польза и вред

Types of palm oil

The most useful and natural is red palm oil. To obtain use gentle technique in which a large part of nutrients is maintained. This oil is red due to high content of carotene (he gives the orange color of carrots and red tomatoes).

Red palm oil has a sweet smell and taste. The researchers came to the conclusion that the refining process of oil palm trees the nutrients out of it. And in unprocessed red palm oil contains nutrients a huge amount. The described beneficial properties of palm oil in the ground and red palm oil. It’s long been eaten by indigenous people of Central and Western Africa, Central America and Brazil. In Africa, red palm oil is popular as an excellent fat materials. Some scholars argue that this oil beneficial properties not different from olive, so popular among the people of Europe.

Refined and deodorized palm oil is another product. It has no odor and color. This is done specifically for use in the food industry. There is a GOST R 53776-2010, which spelled out the requirements for food palm oil. This oil possesses the same beneficial properties as red palm oil, but in much smaller amounts.

There is another kind of palm oil, which is used to produce cosmetics, Soaps, and more. This oil is five times cheaper than other types of palm oil. It differs from the edible oil-acid-fat composition. Due to the low degree of purification, it contains a lot of harmful oxidized fat. It happens that unscrupulous manufacturers add this oil into products, which when used in the human body there is an accumulation of free radicals that cause cancer. Also, the use of this oil leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Experts believe that some manufacturers use this oil in the manufacture of food products. Speaking about the dangers of palm oil, mainly referring to is the possibility. To bring the case to court is very difficult, because to identify this oil in products is very difficult, therefore, precedents yet was not.



Four myths about palm oil


  • Palm oil is not digested, because it melts at a temperature above the temperature of the human body. It is not, fats are digested in the human body not under the influence of temperature.
  • In developed countries banned palm oil. This is not true, for example, 10 % of the produced palm oil consumes US.
  • Palm oil can only be used in the metallurgical industry and in soap making. In fact palm oil a wider range of applications. It is known that it even used during world war II to produce Napalm. But this does not mean that it is prohibited to use for food.
  • Palm oil is produced from the trunk of a palm tree. This is not true, it is made from the fleshy part of the fruit of the oil palm.
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    The benefits and harms of palm oil is known to many. Palm oil has a number of useful properties, some of which are even unique, but this applies only to red palm oil.

    To use palm oil in food or not, everyone decides for himself. We tried to give you a little information.


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