“Palm lobby” Russians deprived of the natural milk


"Пальмовое лобби" лишило россиян натурального молока

In Russia began the large-scale testing of the dairy industry, which is carried out by Rospotrebnadzor, the Rosselkhoznadzor and Roskoshestvo. The reason for the test was the fact that the market is prohibitively high level of counterfeit. And soon it may be even more, experts are convinced.

The third “milk” is fake

Instruction on the inspection of the dairy industry on March 16 gave the Vice-Premier of Russian government Arkady Dvorkovich, it is addressed to the two Federal agencies (Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzor) and the Agency “Rascacielo”. They have already started a test purchase the products — milk, cheese and butter — at retail stores throughout the country.

The samples will be studied in the laboratory, and results must be submitted no later than March 26. Oversees the inspection the Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov.

The business press was beginning to discuss the version that joint checking is the reason for joining Rospotrebnadzor and Rosselkhoznadzor. The fact that a number of oversight agencies in Russia (this would reduce the number of officials, along with the budget costs and number of business inspections) can be merged together, has been discussed since the summer of 2015.

Then, we will remind, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to develop proposals for optimizing the structure and reducing the number of control and Supervisory bodies. In support of the idea of unification was organized by the Public chamber of Russia, open government and many public organizations.

They pointed out that, for example, in the United States for the control of drugs and products “from field to counter” there is no single Agency-regulator — Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, the idea of unification of the Supervisory authorities, as apparently refused. Although it can always come back to solve one of the urgent tasks of combating forgery in the grocery market.

“Milk” in this respect, the most revealing. As has told “Free press”, a third of the dairy products on Russian shelves is fake: that is the real composition radically different from that indicated on the package. For some regions and commodities (cheese, cheese and desserts) share of fraud reaches 60%.

“Palm” the oligarchs entrenched in the White house

For assessment Arkady Dvorkovich, today in Russia is huge shortage of milk: the country cannot supply its own production, about a quarter of the total consumption (31 of 40 million tons per year). The remaining volumes of milk Russia mainly imported from Belarus, for products which the Rosselkhoznadzor also appeared regularly claim.

“Roskoshestvo” also regularly reports on the detection of adulteration of dairy products — cheese, cottage cheese, condensed milk, butter… Two months ago, “Roskoshestvo” checked one of the most popular products on the table of Russian families — yogurt.

The experts rated 36 brands, of which the rejected products to 19 manufacturers. In yogurt several manufacturers were found even E. coli, which, when prolonged storage in the fridge can multiply and lead to serious consequences for human health.

Kefir discovered antibiotics-tetracyclines (even in super small quantities): it says that the milk taken from sick cows.

The yogurt was low, the mass fraction dry skim milk solids. This happens if the production of yogurt was bad milk or simply diluted (in our case starch that “Roskoshestvo” and found in the product). Also in yogurt “Roskoshestvo” found phytosterols — so when it is manufacturing milk substitute for vegetable fats (notorious palm oil).

All the facts are revealed “Roskoshestvo” handed over to the Prosecutor. Punished if the violator is unknown. And to deal with the problem needs a more systematic, rather than imposing penalties on individual firms.

Proposals were already plenty. For example, the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev has proposed to introduce excise duty on palm oil, and the Chairman of the Duma Committee on agrarian markets Alexei Lavrinenko — post in shops sale of milk and dairy (with palm oil) products. However, none of these proposals found no support. The impression is that Russia has a “palm” lobby.

Professor Edelev: counterfeit will go from Europe to Russia

How the government can fight the dominance of “plant” fake food market? This “Free press” talked to our resident expert, Professor Vladimir Edeleman, one of the leaders of the Center for applied medicine and food security MSU.

“SP”: — Dmitry Abramovich, lately a lot of talk about the shortage of milk in Russia. And how he, in your opinion, is expressed?

We realize one simple truth: in Russia a little milk. We can say about the development of agriculture about our successes, but one of the most important indicators of development of agriculture is the production of milk as an essential food product.

Unfortunately, due to the shortage of milk in Russia, the population’s consumption falls. Minimum recommended medical norm of consumption is 325 liters of milk per person per year. Real consumption is a little over 250 liters. Particularly this lack of effect on the health of pregnant women and children.

The lack of native milk we compensate for Belarusian milk. But in fact it can be not Belarusian and low-quality milk powder from Latin America. After all, in the top 5 of milk suppliers included: Belarus, Turkey, New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay.

“SP”: — do not have enough Milk, that’s it and substitute vegetable raw materials?

Yes, the current shortage of milk, we observe a steady growth of exports into the country plant materials used for the production of milk replacers. Dairy products — foods that are designed to replace the natural milk and resemble milk in appearance and taste. The components of these products, as a rule, are vegetable proteins and fats.

These products do not contain milk gluten and calcium, and less likely to cause allergic reactions. But only if it is good substitute of good raw materials.

“SP”: — And such a lot?

— Yes, milk substitutes, there are many: soy, rice, pea, fish, almond, hemp, grain, oat, coconut, peanut, juice, milk tree and others. But unscrupulous manufacturers in our country prefer milk substitutes from palm oil.

And it would be possible to close eyes to the use of palm fat, if he were of good quality. But our manufacturers in pursuit of profit, with the connivance of the regulatory authorities, use of poor quality palm oil in production of milk replacers.

Poor quality palm oils contain carcinogenic and genotoxic substances. That is based on them are unsafe and dangerous to life and health of adulterated food. And what we have in summary: cancer is getting younger, children are born sick, life expectancy is the lowest in Europe.

“SP”: — But independent experts and even Duma deputies and some senators tried to put a barrier to palm oil. Why could not one do you think?

Unfortunately, all these attempts hit a wall of corrupt officials. Let’s compare the Russian case with what is happening in Europe.

In the European Union from Monday, March 19, begins a new era of quality products, even containing fats, including those made from palm oil. Enter into force new requirements to such products established by a regulation of the European Commission 2018/290 of 26 February.

And earlier as used by the Europeans of fats in food production, selected indicators significantly exceed Russian requirements, making it impossible for the export of Russian products.

And the decision of the European Commission even more substantial increased requirements to the quality of fats. Here’s a question: where do you think from Europe, caring for the health of its citizens, will flood low-quality fats?


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