Paleontologists found in amber ancient creatures


Палеонтологи нашли в янтаре древние существаCreatures are close relatives tailed spiders.

Scientists have discovered a new species of spiders, having one unusual feature is the tail. This spider that lived about 100 million years ago, was named Chimerarachne yingi (in honor of the monster Chimera from Greek mythology).

On the opening brief reports portal New Atlas.

This spider previously unknown to science species were found in amber in Myanmar. Amber, unlike ordinary fossils, preserved the softer items.

Chimerarachne yingi had four pairs of legs, fangs, spider warts pedipalpy back and front — as an ordinary spider. But, of course, a lot more catches the eye… the tail. Experts have discovered four representatives of this species — they all had a body length of about 2.5 mm and tails about the same length.

None of the living species of the spider squad does not have a tail, but this feature itself is not something unusual in the world of arachnids. For example, creatures from the squad telefonov are close relatives tailed spiders, and, by the way, the same research team previously found a still more ancient arachnids with tails, but without spider warts.


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