Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy 9 S9 will get an improved interface


They get the shell One UI 2.1.

Proprietary interface One UI 2.1 for Samsung smartphone was presented together with the model Galaxy S20 in the beginning of 2020. Fresh flagship has already received a new firmware with an improved graphical user interface. On older smartphones the South Korean manufacturer has omitted. There was even information that the company will not release One UI 2.1 for the old models of the Galaxy, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Last update on the official forum Samsung shows that the company will extend support One UI 2.1 for the model range flagship 2018. Thus, an improved interface will be officially models Samsung Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+ and Note 9. Now the update is in development. Moreover, the test version will soon become available for these devices.

Earlier there was confusion in the 2.1 update One UI for Galaxy Note and Galaxy 9 S9. Samsung did not specify whether the owners of obsolete, but still relevant mobile devices to wait for the firmware. Later through Korean app Samsung Members was sent a notification about the fact that Samsung currently has no plans to release One UI 2.1 for Galaxy Note 9.

Later, the moderator of the team software showed that the number of features One 2.1 UI will still work on older devices without performance degradation. Because of the weaker Galaxy Note 10 Lite will get One UI 2.1, together with some of the best software features from the Galaxy S20, the productive Galaxy Note 9 is also capable of “pulling”.

Sheath One UI 2.1 adds features that debuted with the flagship smartphone series Galaxy S20: new AR-Emoji, quick file sharing, Quick share, Music Share, “Pro” video mode, as well as support for video recording front camera with a resolution of 4K at 60 fps and other useful options.


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