Owners of Pets get sick less


Владельцы домашних питомцев меньше болеют

Pet owners, visit a medical institution for 15-20 % less than other people.

This was stated by the head of the program of research in the field of interaction between man and animal (HAI) of nutrition Center for Pets in WALTHAM, which is located in the UK, Sandra Mccune.

She, in particular, noted that research conducted by the center in Germany, Australia, Canada and China, have shown that Pets help their owners less likely to get sick and to remain active longer. In particular, the people in whose houses there are animals, are less likely to “get” diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

According to experts, the most useful animals in the house are dogs. The need every morning to walk their four-legged friends serving their owners good service: daily physical activity increases by about 20 %, which is beneficial to the state of the organism as a whole. Also benefit the health of older people brings communication during these walks.


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