Overwatch, the authors intend to improve the efficiency Sombre


Авторы Overwatch намерены улучшить эффективность СомбрыNow the game is a seasonal event celebrated the Lunar new year.

In the Latest update, which will soon be released on the test servers of the game, Blizzard will make a number of changes to the properties Sombre. This is the first revision of this sort for the hero, which is perhaps the least popular among others. In the latest update, these changes were added by accident, but then removed, as have not yet passed the required tests on the PTR servers.

Lead game designer Jeff Goodman (Geoff Goodman) explained that the update may bring other changes too, but what players will learn with the release of patch. In the meantime, he shared only changes actually Sombra. Tested such innovations:

– hero will no longer receive replenishment of the superpowers in the treatment kits;

– bullet spread of weapons decreased by 10 %;

– speed hacking increased from 0.8 s to 0.65 with;

– hacking now disables more features in particular: the double jump and climbing the walls at Genji; jetpack Terah; climbing the walls at Hanzo’s; current melody Lucio; soaring angel.

The idea, according to the developers, is to a certain extent to reduce the activity of the application of the superpowers of the character (due to the failure of the replenishment of his kits), and thus to make Sombra stronger, and a set of abilities more useful. When will this PTR update is not reported. Recall: now this is a seasonal event celebrated the Lunar new year.


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