Over the Pacific ocean occurred teleportation of the alien ship


Над Тихим океаном произошла телепортация корабля инопланетянAmerican soldiers said that he saw the teleportation of an alien spacecraft over the Pacific ocean.

Social networks and the press of America there was a controversial article with a report about UFO sightings in the sky over the Pacific ocean. Fixed the alien ship staff, the U.S. Navy, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference to Politekspert.

According to them, in the bright evening sky was clearly visible the appearance of a strange object in the shape of a ball, round which was a luminous shield. The object appeared in the sky, looks like something out of portal. Later, a UFO teleported to another location, disappearing from sight.

Ufologists said that such portals exist on Earth in large quantity. One of the experts claimed to have encountered this in France and Australia. Such technologies are, in his opinion, only accessible extraterrestrial intelligence.


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