Over the football stadium and filmed the glowing UFO


Над футбольным стадионом засняли светящийся НЛО The object hovered over the field during the women’s football match.

London resident watched a few days ago on TV women’s soccer match held at the stadium “Mido” Park in Borehamwood, and suddenly noticed something strange in the air.

At some point with the evening sky over the field began to descend light ball. At first you might think that this is a missile fired from a signal pistol, or a failed firework, but then something even more striking. The anomaly suddenly hung in the air for a relatively long time, then vanished without a trace in the dark.

The astonished audience, writes sports duel in the video, hastened to send a portion of a game with a mysterious incident ufologists of the popular community “UFOmania”. Experts have reviewed the video and rendered the following verdict:

“It seems curious that the aliens like to watch sports games earthlings, moreover, in this case played women. We hope that they like this game. However, they viewed it not so long, so with accuracy to understand what they are specifically interested in the stadium, it’s hard…”

If you believe the skeptics, this could be the drone of the TV crew, who filmed the match on top. However, in this case, it is unclear why the flying camera device was glowing at first and then ceased to emit light. In addition, during the broadcast of the game simply did not show the similar angle, so the version of the materialists is clearly not tenable.


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