Over a hundred whales saved after massive stranding off the coast of Australia, 400 didn’t make it


Rescue workers on Tasmania have saved a total of 108 whales and brought them into deeper waters. Last week, some 570 pilot whales washed ashore in a Bay of the Australian island.

No live whales were found off the coast. It is estimated that about 350 whales did not survive.

In the meantime, the movement of the hundreds of cadavers to deeper water has begun. This is what the rescue workers do with the help of boats and that can take a few days.

On Monday, about 270 whales were discovered at three locations in Macquarie Harbour. A third was dead before a rescue could be organized. On Wednesday, another 200 dead whales washed ashore.

This week’s massive stranding surpasses a record from 1996, when some 320 pilot pilots were stranded in Western Australia.


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