Outdoor camera filmed the flight of the angel in USA


Уличная камера сняла полет ангела в США The appearance of a strange creature recorded in Michigan.

Recently a resident of Michigan Glen Torman checked as usual that filmed over several days, the surveillance camera installed outside his house and could not believe my eyes when I saw what was like an angel with wings.

Unusual hovered over him standing near the house, the car and the object was to consider the wings, head and hands.

Only the camera has got two frames with “angel”. First, where it hangs in all its glory over the car, and the second is made later, when the object is moved to the right (left?).

Camera Torman was willing to take pictures of any moving objects, so it could be an optical illusion, but definitely moving object.

Torman lives in the city of East Jordan (East Jordan) and he immediately showed incredible images of the local pastor Daniel Moses, who came in great excitement from the photo. And Torman and pastor 100% sure that the shots of the messenger of God.

When Torman brought pictures of the reporters on local TV, they decided to test them in a local photo Studio. But there could not definitively answer what was in the frame, just assumed it was some insect.

“This is very similar to the moth in the first picture,” says the owner of the Studio To Clark, “But the object is very blurry and therefore there are lots of options for its interpretation”.

Уличная камера сняла полет ангела в США


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