Our society is seriously hurt


Наше общество серьезно больно

When the 19th of November, in the Day of trouble, Bundestag, in Berlin, was made by the boy from Urengoy Kohl Desyatnichenko, I was in the air. I flew to new York, where they gathered to celebrate the 80th birthday of wife of Phil Donahue, my very close friend. And so I could not tell in detail about the reactions that followed his speech, after his speech. I mean the reaction that followed in Russia. Not all of it followed, however, but many.

About the reaction of this can be said in one word — bullying. No matter whether it came from superpatriot the writer Zakhar Prilepin, whether the local MP or any media — it was a real harassment. And you know what struck me most: the fact that he poisoned the boy, which showed the best traits of the Russian people.

What I have in mind. I mean the ability to forgive, ability to understand, ability to understand the suffering of another person, even if that person is your enemy and even if he caused you suffering. It is absolutely startling the hell, I haven’t met her, no one, except Russian. It is one of the absolutely unique and the best features at all. And it is peculiar to Russian people. Not rancor, not hatred, not stupidity black and intolerance, and the willingness to forgive, loving kindness and compassion.

How right he was, this boy, when he spoke about the soldiers who did not want to fight, who wanted to live in peace, have my family. After all, they, these soldiers, no matter from which country, in the end, they are victims of their governments in power, their leaders. If we are talking about it, did we condone these leaders, talking about who these soldiers.

And you know what I thought in reading the shaft of these abominations that resulted in this boy’s head, his parents, his teachers, his school. I thought that our society is ill, has lost a largely human guidance, unable to distinguish white from black, nobility from baseness.

It took to the press Secretary of the President has spoken about this as if conveying the words of the President that all this abomination is not something to stop, but somehow subsided.

I’m glad that a boy like nick Desyatnichenko, exist. He and others like him inspire my optimism about Russia.


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