Original ideas for travelling in Europe


Нестандартные идеи для путешествия по ЕвропеInteresting places in Spain, Malta and Italy.

Journalists of the popular reality show “Zarobitchany” Sebov Masha, Irina Petkun and Olga Manko gave the advice as unhackneyed to spend time popular among travelers in countries such as Spain, Malta and Italy.

To fight tomato fights and tickle on the street.

If in Spain you have already enjoyed the works of Gaudi, drank sangria, ate cool gazpacho, tried all sorts of Spanish delicacies: tacos, burritos and a variety of paellas, it’s time to relax actively. Leading New channel of Olga Manko spent in Spain honeymoon, though it was not a vacation and business trip.

“Several times I was vacationing in Spain, but only after a working trip with the team “Saroba” this country has opened up to me for real, – says the journalist. – First visited the festival of La Tomatina. This annual festival, which takes place in the Spanish town of buñol on the last week of August. A large-scale battle, in which shells are the tomatoes!

Нестандартные идеи для путешествия по Европе

La Tomatina

And even in Spain the cult of bulls. I knew about this before: bullfighting, bullfighters – all this is primarily associated with the country. But now convinced personally. Bulls involved in all city holidays. Local favorite pastime – the bull run. This is when two or three aggressive animals released from the cage, and they run right along the pedestrian streets and squares. And run away from them all local. I myself took part in this action. It’s very scary!

Recently the RSPCA spent in Spain a wave of street protests against bullfighting. Maybe soon this extreme way of entertainment will be banned”.

To try the brain of the rabbit and dive into the pool of St. Peter

Malta attracts tourists wishing to see the dead city Mdina, walk through the streets of the port, the island’s capital Valletta and sunbathe on the unusual stone beaches.

“My most favorable impression of Malta is swimming in the “pool” of St. Peter, – says journalist Masha Sebov. Is a small Cove, hidden from the tourist eye, near the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Нестандартные идеи для путешествия по Европе

St. Peter’s pool

The whole buzz is that you can dive into the water extremely beautiful in color with a height of several meters. One local man goes there every day for over 40 years! The Maltese dives into the water and entertains holidaymakers fancy flips and acrobatic tricks. Looks very spectacular. On the rocks around the pool every year he’s checking in his name and the year “1985 Pele, Pele in 1986…”.

If you walk from Marsaxlokk on the way to the “pool”, you can see the picturesque bays and lagoons with turquoise water! Malta is a traditional dish of fried rabbit. Since ancient times, it is usually served whole with the head. This tradition adheres to the now already not many restaurants. And honestly speaking, I’d rather warn about this feature than to recommend to try this local delicacy. He looks creepy.

There are a couple of things in Malta should not do. Sail to the island of Gozo to see the famous arch. Recently, she collapsed, not everyone knows about it. The same fate befell the cave of Calypso. Even in some of the guidebooks write that in Gozo there is Ramla Bay beach with pink sand. In fact, sand brick red”.

Hunt for truffles and spend the night in the monastery

Plenty to savor with pizza, pasta and local wines, take a walk around the eternal city to visit the Colosseum, enjoy an Opera at the legendary La Scala entertainment in Italy once. Sophisticated travelers leading reality “Zarobitchany” I advise you to try the unusual entertainment and ways of spending the night.

“In Piedmont, in Northern Italy, you can go hunting for truffles, says Masha Sebov. Is the most expensive mushroom in the world. The price of the fair this season is 500-600 euros per hundred grams! The profession of a collector of gourmet mushrooms has been passed down from generation to generation.

Нестандартные идеи для путешествия по Европе

Between trufelman huge competition. There are only a few dozen in the region. The contacts of one of the hunters I found the truffle fair and for 100 euros he took me on a quest. It was a real quest! But in the end I was left disappointed. Expected to collect mushrooms and after to sell them to make money. But, it turned out that even if you find the precious fungus, sell it has the right only the owner of the forest, where he grew up. So hunting for truffles – interesting leisure activities, but not a way of earnings. You also need to consider that truffles are a seasonal mushroom. And hunting for him can only fall.”

“In Turin I was looking for somewhere warm to sleep cheaper, and found an interesting place – said the journalist Irina Petkun. – On the Internet, I suggested that it is possible to stay overnight in the monastery. If the hostel in Turin is 70-80 euros, overnight at the nuns will cost much cheaper. The price includes Breakfast, bed and even a washing machine. The main thing – to observe a few rules, which will tell the nuns”.


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