Optical illusion: why a photo of Tesla Roadster in space look like a fake


Оптический обман: почему фото Tesla Roadster в космосе выглядят как фальшивкаImages for Tesla Roadster did Elon Musk.

American chemist Richard Sachleben told about the peculiarities of the photo in zero gravity and vacuum.

According to him, the lack of air makes such clear images, as if they were edited, writes Live Science.

First pictures Tesla Roadster c orbit did Elon Musk. At a press conference after the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy, Musk admitted that his car was in space looks weird.

-It all seems absurd and impossible. You can be sure that it’s real, just looks so fake. Seriously, we can draw it much better. Everything in the space looks incredible, too clearly. We didn’t tested and not prepared the materials of the machine. This is the normal seat normal car. But in space. I like how it is absurd, – said the head of SpaceX Elon Musk.


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