Opel will move production of electric vehicles by 2024


Opel перейдет на производство электромобилей к 2024 годуThe company tries to follow the fashion on the environment.

German carmaker Opel expects to fully switch to the production of electric cars. Already by 2024, the company’s promise to provide elektroversiya all its existing models.

Their goal, the company explains ecological aspects.

– We get rid of carbon dioxide, – commented the head of the company Michael Aseller.

In 2019, Opel promises to introduce an electric version of the compact car Corsa, which promise the role of “true people’s car.” According to Larzelere, this is the car that will be available in a wide range of clients.

Also in the coming years, Opel is going to release a hybrid version of the model X SUV Grandland and electric versions of the models Vivaro and Mokka SUV.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has decided to ban imports of cars with petrol and diesel engine. The reason for this decision is obvious and simple – the transition to environmentally friendly fuel. To encourage people to buy electric cars in the country is the abolition of taxes on electric cars.


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