Opel ceases to produce three popular models


Opel прекращает выпускать три популярных моделиAll models are hatchbacks.

Opel, now owned by the French group PSA, in the framework of the reform in 2019 will no longer release the hatchback Opel Adam, Karl and convertible Cascada.

Earlier this year it was announced that there will be new generations from Adam Rocks, minivan, Zafira and Astra GTC two-door coupe.

You would think that Opel is reducing its model lineup. However, it is not. The legendary German automaker wants the plan “Pace!” in the coming years to develop and bring to market several completely new or updated models. In particular, before the end of 2020, Opel will release eight new models. Due to this, it in Europe will be one of the new model lines.

Yet about these updates very little is known. We only know that among them will be new light commercial vehicles Combo and Vivaro. In addition, all “opalewski” updates will be economical fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions.

Opel Vivaro new generation will appear in 2019, and in commercial and passenger versions. In the same 2019 motorists will offer a hybrid and electric Grandland X new Corsa. In 2020, motorists will be offered Mokka X is a new generation, thanks to which sales of crossovers Opel is expected to increase from 25% to 40%. In any case, counting on it PSA.


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