OPEC+ minus Iran


ОПЕК+ минус Иран

Yesterday it became known that the Americans, without advertising, have asked a few of the OPEC countries affect oil prices and increase production to 1 million barrels per day. Last Saturday, oil Ministers of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Algeria and Oman have discussed this request.

While our Minister of energy Alexander Novak says that on separate negotiations knows nothing. Perhaps disingenuous, because it is unlikely partners, albeit temporary, had concealed from him this fact. The fact that just two weeks ago he met with his counterpart from Saudi Arabia, and they discussed the easing of restrictions of oil production since the third quarter of 2018. But the final decision will be made at the OPEC summit+ June 22.

Why did the United States suddenly bothered by oil prices? It would seem that kancevica, on the contrary, best high prices.

The consequences of sanctions against Iran, which was thrown on the market the most scarce now a million barrels is not only the rise in oil prices worldwide, but also an unprecedented rise in gasoline prices in the United States. In fact, Washington is asking OPEC to help him to help solve domestic economic problems as well as to join in the fight against the common foe — Iran. Therefore, the request is shrouded in mystery. And so she responded.

Another thing, when they actually start increasing production. And I was in addition interested in, notify you about the Russian. In our budgeted price of oil at $ 54 a barrel, so that the margin of safety we have. But sharp fluctuations and panic on the exchanges can adjust this level.

Most likely, notify — OPEC countries, taught by bitter experience of the previous decades, I know for myself how important consistency and discipline of participants of the oil market. Analysts claim that below $ 65 per barrel price will not fall, will likely fluctuate between 65 and 70.

For me it is red price — 60. And the competition-kancevica knock the ground from under the feet (and literally), and do not relax.

Maybe even the ruble to weaken to 70? Well, if you talk without emotion, and in the state.

Speak up. Not shouting, pliz.


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