Online tests in Facebook is dangerous for users


Онлайн-тесты в Facebook опасны для пользователей Scammers use the tests as a virus.

In Facebook recently gained a lot of popularity online tests. Results can be obtained in a few minutes, just enough to grant access to their profile. According to experts, this is the danger.

As the newspaper notes, often users do not even read the terms and conditions on which grant access to their personal data.

Moreover, even if the user carefully read all the terms in these queries are not always truthfully described what kind of information is needed.

As told by the developer of the test “why, you Goose,” Max fry, which they raise enough innocent data – only access to the avatar of the user (which is then added to the picture on the result), his name and address.

However, the crooks can use these tests as a virus, as users do not pay attention to what the link is transferred and accepted.

“Any authorization through Facebook reports to third parties … Even worse that you don’t always have control over what that link publish test results – it might contain something incriminating or even lead to pages with malicious code. As a result, the spam on your mail and phone, you become a lead referral programs, online stores … There are schemes tied to the show you advertising where it should not be replacing one other advertising, displaying prohibited advertising, etc.” – said the Head of SMM Agency Digital Engine Elena Sergienko.

By the way, the administration of Facebook does not assume any liability for the consequences of such access. In the section Data Policy inform users that the information collected in this way by third parties, falls under their own rules.


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