Onion prices in the countries of Central Asia rose sharply


Цены на лук в странах Центральной Азии резко вырослиOnion prices in the countries of Central Asia rose sharply due to increased demand for products from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and countries of the European Union.

In this case the market of these countries is present as onion harvest last year, and early onions, the cleaning is ongoing.

Week prices for onion new crop in Tajikistan increased more than three times – from $ 80 per ton to $ 260.

In Uzbekistan, prices for onion crop 2019 rose for the week with $ 100-150 a tonne to $ 300.

High demand fueled a dramatic rise in onion prices in Ukraine over the week to $ 410 per ton to 1.2 thousand dollars per ton.

Now Ukrainian importers of onions and vegetables have to compete for the Central Asian bow, not only with Poland but also Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic and other countries.

EastFruit experts predict that prices for onion in the EU in the near future will continue to rise as the shortage of products on the market is always more than anyone could have expected.


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