One of the extrasolar planets may be inhabited by life – scientists


Одна из экзопланет может быть заселена жизнью, - ученыеFor a person it is not suitable, but there may be other living organisms.

According to calculations of scientists, the exoplanet Kepler-22 could theoretically support life. And although human habitation of the planet is completely unsuitable for their conditions, it’s perfect for other living organisms.

The researchers believe that Kepler-22 it is absolutely not suitable for its habitat for her people. However, the planet is water, which is a crucial element in the chain the birth of a new life. In addition, the conditions were not so bad to adapted micro-organisms are unable to settle there and later evolve into full-fledged living organisms.

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The planet Kepler-22 has its own satellites and in the galaxy in which it resides, has its own “Sun”. This “Sun” is just a hot gas giant, is able to support the protection of the planet from the radiation of space.


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