One hour of work of the person sitting judge


Read: “Scientists”, Higher school of Economics” analyzed an unnamed major resource of sexual services in Moscow to determine the logic of pricing in the field of Internet prostitution. The study is available on the website of the University. It is noted that researchers studied more than 1800 questionnaires of prostitutes, selecting 200 most representative. Then the staff of the HSE examined the details indicated in the questionnaire: age, height, weight, breast size, range of services available and their high prices, as well as the location of sex workers. …As of 2015 the average price of an hour with a prostitute — 3818 rubles. In this variation of cost — from 1.5 thousand to 10 thousand rubles. At the check-out prostitutes the price of an hour of sex increased by almost half, to 7211 rubles — at the expense of transport costs and time”. Also take into account the risk of rape or deception.”

Despite the destruction of Moscow is practically the whole industry, there still remained hundreds of occupations, ranging from electrical engineers to janitors. But the logic of the formation of their income whether are not interested in scientists “Higher school of Economics”, whether journalists are not interested, happily rastirazhirovali this treatise on prostitutes. Problems socially close workers of Corporation “Oral & anal” scientists and journalists on their values clearly exceed problems of some engineers. The problems of those who provide life journalists and academics, neither science nor media are no longer interested, is understandable.

And, of course, having studied the problems of prostitutes, scholars of the “Higher school of Economics” could not come to the aid of judges, thus these bread posts appointed on the recommendation of the heads of the Judicial Department, which, in turn, are now under investigation for stealing from the budget (through judges) 1.4 billion.

Scientists “, Higher school of Economics” undertook to justify the following: “For the judges plan to fix a limit on the annual number of cases, such standards are prepared in national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” in accordance with the order of Subdepartment in the sun, according to “Izvestia”. The contract estimated 4.83 million rubles, implementation period — since the end of August to 11 December 2017. Judges have repeatedly talked about the huge workload — number of cases per judge may be up to several hundred every year.”

Damn, those “scientists” real “judges” of Moscow ever seen? Seen how they work?

In the case of IGPR CALL in which absolutely no part of the charges, that is, in the case of obviously innocent, the judge Krivoruchko has appointed 32 meetings, and the proceedings lasted from November 10, 2016 August 10, 2017. That is, the average interval between sessions was longer than 8 days. However, the judge Krivoruchko “no time” and “not have time” to prepare the minutes of meetings, August 10 and sentenced without Protocol. And Protocol court in the case of IGPR CALL so far (on 15 September) is not ready.

For those who do not understand that the persons who sat the judges, in this case mocking the law, let me explain something.

All “evidence” of guilt IGPR CALL is the testimony of witnesses and the results of the examination at trial of physical evidence. But the evidence for this view is the same words spoken at the hearing, the words that different participants of the hearing hear differently. To ensure that these words become evidence, they must be recorded in the minutes of the hearing, the record shall be considered by the Prosecutor and the defence, the Prosecutor and the defence must give comments to the record, the judge of these remarks is to consider and make conclusions thereon, to change what is written in the Protocol or not. Only after such a commit Protocol is heard by the participants of these evidence acquire the status of admissible evidence. Article 83 of the code of criminal procedure established: “the Protocols of investigative actions and the court records are admissible as evidence if they meet the requirements of this Code.”

But, again, the record of the trial in the case of IGPR CALL not only aligned with the requirements of the code of criminal procedure, but neither the date of sentencing, August 10, 2017, or even by September 15 of the Protocol did not exist. That is, the testimony of witnesses and the inspection of physical evidence that Krivoruchko laid the basis for the prosecution, are inadmissible evidence. And according to part 1 of article 75 of the CCP RF: “Inadmissible evidence has no legal force and cannot be the basis for the charges.”

This, of course, would matter, if Moscow was the judge.

And we know that judges in Moscow were appointed persons on the recommendation of criminals-thieves of the Judicial Department of Moscow. And these individuals in the judges care whether the perpetrators are innocent, they are sentenced to punishment of these individuals in the judges to not care, there is evidence of guilt or not, the evidence is admissible or inadmissible.

But for scientists, “the Higher school of Economics” these procedural niceties beyond, these “scientists” are sure that these individuals who to impose sentences on the order of investigators, prosecutors, and other tillage, very busy! And these scientists “Higher school of Economics” do not care, does someone else this workload.

But in any case, as scientists “, Higher school of Economics” has already determined how much a customer worth one hour of work of a prostitute, and the experience of such calculations, these scientists have, now you need to determine the same amount – how much the people of Russia one hour sitting in the chairs of persons settled by the judges with thieves Judicial Department.

Data for this calculation give themselves the puppeteers of Putin. 3 Dec 2015 puppeteers wrote the text and the President of Russia in his presidential address pleased the people of Russia the following:

“For 2014, the investigative authorities opened nearly 200 thousand criminal cases on the so-called economic crimes. Before the court reached 56 thousand of the two hundred thousand. Another 15 thousand cases fell apart in court. Turns out, if the count ended with a conviction only 15% of cases. The vast majority, 83%, even entrepreneurs that criminal cases, is completely or partially lost business. That is, they oppressively, robbed and released. It’s certainly not what we need from the point of view of the business climate. This is direct destruction of the business climate.”

Think about it. What makes organized crime? Criminals take away the business property. And what do the investigators of the Russia political message Putin himself? They take away the business property. And what’s the difference between the investigators and the criminal gang?

But if you understand the mechanism of work of a gang of “law enforcers”, I understand that the investigators can’t do anything without the judges, that is, you understand that this is not the investigators, and judges destroyed almost 170 thousand enterprises of Russia.

So it makes sense to calculate the cost of one hour of their work.

It will be interesting.


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