One eye with the camera 15 meters


Initially I was planning to just under the ice to remove the video game rattling that catch walleye and bersha.

However, with the invented attachment system videoplaza underwater camera near the bait a bit failed, but what I saw seemed to me very interesting.

About lighting,color and contrast

The first thing I was struck by how the camera shows me the bait at a depth of approximately 3 meters. I chose the place for the holes so that the sun peeked under the ice.

I was just sure that under the snow drifts should be dark, and where dark, the camera video immediately becomes fuzzy.

Now, on the camera’s monitor I saw a very bright bait yellow. She just glowed on the screen! Of course, you could do some magic with focus, with sensitivity. But I was just the bait down lower and lower.

I knew that with every meter the light in the water beneath the ice will fall. And here at a depth of about 10 subway, I began to distinguish on the crank a red spot on his head become visible bands and a green tint just rattlin in General.

I specifically took quite a bright lure with a contrasting color. And this is only on the 10-meter depth, his colors have become more or less realistic. What does this mean?

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I think this is confirmation of the conventional wisdom of fishermen, in shallow water work better in a darker color baits, and at great depths — more than bright, can reflect a maximum of sunlight that shines into the place.

Of course, the fish has other senses, for example, the middle line. Nevertheless, with regard to the reflection and view of the perch — if the difference is obvious to me, in some degree it is noticeable for walleye.

What “floor” the pike lives?

My underwater camera “eye” can be lowered to 20 meters with a cord that needs to withstand a load of 20 kg. on this cord, I lowered the most videoglaz to which I tied, rattlin. And easily got the bottom. Surprisingly, there is not dark.

Understand that the video equipment is something they will adjust with speed, and why appeared on the screen “grain”, and what lies at the bottom only has the outlines.

But this camera has an infrared mode, which I have included. The image on the screen is black and white, but I saw a lot of some points, floating.

Any debris or haze floated near the bottom. Here’s what I didn’t expect to see!

It turns out that walleye often bite quite high up from the bottom, not because it leads to this pressure is atmospheric! It turns out that it can get to rise above it some turbidity, reaching near the bottom!

Maybe she bothers to hunt or it is a hindrance to its gills. Maybe the lack of a transparent water makes to rise above his stern features. But “Zander” floor, which he pecks at one and the same day, may be different in different places.

This is the practice of fishing we have at the Volgograd reservoir. There are places where a lot of bites high above the bottom, and when you go for 500 meters or more, pike could bite and at the bottom. Now, when I in the infrared regime considered the relative turbidity at 15-m depth, many things fell into place.

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It’s not right, but now there is a new theory of the behavior of the perch, which bite at different places at different heights from the bottom. Now it is possible to associate, for example, with the activity of the Volga hydroelectric power station that is located downstream.

On the Internet, I began to ask questions, say what appears clear water? Unfortunately, I have no answer to this question.

I turned off infrared mode, got the camera out and went to fish on. Because the process of catching — not less interesting, than a study of it using sonar, structure scan or underwater camcorder.

P. S. by the Way, dragging videoglaz camera on the bottom — was rattlin weighing 16 grams, This lure I have already tested, and to be honest, I was hoping to capture on video the moment of attack Zander.

But no luck. Bites a day was not enough.

I think experiments with voyeurism that occurs at great depths of the Volgograd reservoir, I will continue.


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