Oncologists identified the risk of thyroid cancer


Онкологи обозначили группу риска рака щитовидкиPeople who are at risk of this cancer, you need to be on the alert.

Thyroid cancer, as a major part of all types of cancer insidious is that its symptoms are manifested at the stage of active growth of a malignant tumor.

This is compounded by the treatment process, as the chances of recovery every day only reduced.

Oncologists are convinced that early diagnosis of cancer – the key to a complete cure with minimal losses in terms of human health. So they once again remind you that for your health you need to follow and at the slightest change in the feel or appearance of a person to go to the doctor for a checkup and to start treatment if the cancer is detected.

Others who are more susceptible to thyroid cancer?

People with fair skin. Scientists have compiled statistics, according to which it can be argued that men and women with dark skin several times less likely to collide with this diagnosis than those who have it bright.

Women. This factor is due to the fact that the female body is wired differently than the male. Women have generally more fat than men.

Those who have in the family someone has suffered from cancer. Almost all cancers have a hereditary factor of development. In cancer there is a mutation of certain genes, causing “hurt” can the younger generation in the family.

Age. Thyroid cancer is most often diagnosed in people under 40 years of age. Of course, thyroid tumors and are diagnosed at a younger age, but quite rare.

Iodine deficiency in the body. An acute shortage of iodine leads to disturbances in the thyroid. Scientists recorded that in countries where people rarely eat foods enriched in iodine, a much more common cancer of the thyroid gland than where the diet includes iodine-containing products.

Those who do not are at risk of thyroid cancer, also don’t relax and lead a healthy lifestyle, so as not to expose your body danger.


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