On vacation with the wind: the Golden gate bridge recorded a new record intensity auto


На отдых с ветерком: на Крымском мосту зафиксирован новый рекорд интенсивности авто

The bridge across the Kerch Strait, which is one of the most ambitious transportation projects of the Russian Federation, continues to demonstrate the enormous usefulness to residents of the state. Transport passage is very popular among motorists: August 12, 2018 was recorded a new record intensity of movement – for the day at the bridge we passed over 33 thousand cars of various classes in both directions.

This became known from the message of the information center “Crimean bridge”, collecting statistics and monitoring the transport link in real time. According to the InfoCenter, in the direction of the Crimea Peninsula of cars was greater than the reverse: about 17.9 thousand cars.

The capacity of the object at the moment is 40 thousand vehicles per day. For three months of work of the Crimean bridge on the water has driven more than 1.7 million vehicles, with 950 thousand of them in the Peninsula.

Recall that the transport passage of the Krasnodar territory in the Crimea is the longest in the territory of the Russian Federation: its total length is 19 kilometers. It was originally planned that the start of movement of vehicles on the bridge will not take place until December 2018, however, all work was completed ahead of schedule. Hundreds of thousands of Russians now, for a short period of time can reach the beautiful region and relax in the circle of his family and friends.


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