On the Ukrainian roads you may receive the marking of a new species


На украинских дорогах может появиться разметка нового вида Noise bands are used extensively in other countries.

The Ministry of regional development, construction and housing is considering the introduction of noise and light markup when designing roads.

“These markings can be an effective means of improving traffic safety on our roads. For example, in Finland, Denmark and Sweden of using noise bands allowed us to achieve a significant reduction in the level of accidents on the roads and is mandatory in the construction of new roads,” – wrote Deputy Minister of regional development Leo Partskhaladze.

The noise, the markup represents an artificial recess or a height, which is depending on the destination equip along or across the road. While hitting her, the driver of the vehicle feels vibration and noise, and it helps to increase attention on the road while driving along roadsides or in front of the approaching area of high danger.

Fluorescent road marking is illuminated by a special paint that accumulates and then emits light for 10 hours after sunset. This improves visibility for drivers in the evening, reduces accidents and improves traffic safety.


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