On the surface of Mars photographed an unusual shard


На поверхности Марса сфотографировали необычный осколок An interesting discovery was made by American Rover.

NASA’s Mars Rover “Curiosity” made another unusual discovery on the surface of the red planet. More precisely, the Rover just took a picture of the local soil, and already the conspiracy theorists online found on one of the obtained images is something strange.

We are talking about a flat, relatively smooth object that looked suspiciously like a metal chip. A fragment of the original image quickly made the rounds on the world wide web, attracted the attention of ufologists and just curious people, always something seeking.

The incident is notable for the following: American national space Agency decided to comment on the incident, which is not quite typical for its staff – has for many years. However, scientists of the space Agency expected to argue that the lens of the camera robot got a quaint stone – and no more. As the nature of the Martian managed to get a perfectly flat piece of rock that NASA refuse to explain, ignoring the nuances of the issue, thereby bringing to “no” comments.

Some Internet users joked that if NASA will not be able to prove to the world community sensational natural origin of the mysterious object, then the Agency will assure us that we have before us a broken piece of the Rover. And what is even convincing?

Another question, I specify other users, why is it that American scientists suddenly impatient this time, to rush into explanations is something that’s suspicious…


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