On the sidelines of the Kazakhstan appeared an unusual green circles


На полях Казахстана появились необычные зеленые круги Changes in the landscape noticed on maps Yandex.

Users Of Yandex.Cards noticed the panoramas Aktobe region giant circles that someone created the fields near the road. It is noteworthy that on Google maps there is no anomaly. Perhaps this is due to the recent updating of maps with Yandex.

The entities themselves with the color green and has a huge size, specifically associated with alien activity, confident citizens. They also do not exclude the possibility that the patterns caused ancient civilizations. Strange circles 6, within each education there are strange gaps, like on the road.

Experts found it difficult to comment on the phenomenon. In the near future, according to scientists, they will personally visit the field and only then will be able to reach a verdict as to the origin of bright objects.


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