On the record American news happened to notice a UFO


На записи американских новостей случайно заметили НЛО The object flew against the background of the night city.

A lot of viewers of the American Cleveland, Ohio, February 21, noticed something strange while watching TV channel “Channel 3 NBC”.

Live seemed to be an unidentified flying object, is rapidly swept over the morning city. Bright ball-shaped UFO flew up, leaving behind a long trail in the sky. Many people in front of the television proved to be very surprised by such a strange detail.

As you might guess, among the citizens and Internet users have viewed the videos below, immediately began to spread the theory about aliens visiting Cleveland.

Ufologists and curious people simple assume that the aircraft of the representatives of the extraterrestrials left Earth and accidentally got on camera of the TV crew. In this case, we have before us a real sensation, isn’t it? Indeed, in this case, it is difficult to blame the operator in rigging or fake.

Employees of the TV station received hundreds of calls from concerned viewers, can not clearly explain the nature of this object, which appeared during the broadcast of the news. They believe that it could be lit by street lights or just a bird flying near the lens a speck of dust, however, and the likelihood of a “flying saucer” did not deny it.

It remains to hope that the video will not be immediately destroyed as incriminating channel “Channel 3 NBC’s” material…


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