On the Malaysian island found two-headed turtle


Each head is separate.

Specialists in the conservation of nature found just velupillaya two-headed turtle on the island of Mabul Malay archipelago, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to rusjev.net.

Scientists say that have never met such individuals among the 13 thousand born at the research center of turtles. Marine biologist David McCann said that each head breathes and reacts to the environment individually. “It’s amazing. It seems that the right head controls the right front flipper and the left front left. They are able to harmoniously coordinate movements to move around and swim,” he says.

In science, such beings are called iceflame is an extremely rare and atypical for the nature of the form intergrowths of twins, in which they become one body and two heads.

It is assumed that this bug would not have survived in the wild. Besides the two goals, it has underdeveloped the plastron (the ventral shield of a turtle shell). Also, biologists noticed that one head can not breathe at depth. Now the vets are holding the baby only in shallow water. Because turtles are protected species, the cub will continue to live in the center Mabule.


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