On the ice near Volgograd.


So that information about fishing with a spinning rod and caught fish, almost none. But “penguins” is still wandering around the reservoirs.


Closed season “hard water” at the Volgograd reservoir. Performed very well.

I have a competition in 12 pieces, weighing up to 2 kg. a Lot of stuff released back. Bite cool, clear. But the walleye bite should still persuade.

During the day the ice became noticeably thinner in most places, soaking wet, out of borax cubes climbs. Would not advise anyone to go out tomorrow on the ice.

Will go without problems, and here to go – can be an unpleasant surprise!

The Volga-Akhtuba floodplain

The weekend closed season in the floodplain. Grader in the district Kapustnogo Yara “neprofesionalni”.

Went to pologoe zaymische, and there is a pontoon bridge does not work – transfused water. Went on foot. I moved and there is not much where you can go. All covered, either for Erik not to go there!

Went for a long time until I found a good landfast ice, which could go to the main ice. Hour search result – single ruff. And lull tried, and on the course. Empty!

Read a material “Hit or not: analyzing the situation”

On the way back I saw a lot of stuff in the water. Started to try to catch the first little thing was caught, and then a large white bream found.

There was even a gathering of bream under the hole. Up to two hours caught 6 pounds. Mainly skimmer bream larger than the palm of your hand.

Leave “breathing” ice. In General, winter fishing this season I’m done.


Happened to catch a big Rudd and crucian carp Karpovka reservoir. Size from 500 g to the size of a finger. Caught down from the first hole all day.

I drilled eight holes in total and in terms of warm-up. New wells are no different from the old. Friend managed pound bream to get to the depth of 70 cm.

Back – out bad. Walked along the water on the edge of possibilities of boots.

Roads played havoc. The all-wheel drive once almost sat down.


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