On the highway Zhytomyr-Chernivtsi shown by tests of the quality of new asphalt


The road was shown various stages of testing coverage.

Control of coating quality on the national highway Zhitomir-Chernivtsi showed in the video.

The video inspection of the asphalt on the GARDEN in the Zhytomyr region on Facebook, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

During lit quality control workers cut the cores of the top layer. The resulting samples were sent to laboratory to check density and quality of asphalt mixtures. Also checked and the physical properties of the asphalt.

In such a control interest “Ukravtodor”, as the customer of works and the contractor because it gives a guarantee on the work performed by five years. In the case of an substandard coverage, he will have to redo everything.

Under the video it is noted that the control occurs in four stages, and conducts its “Ukravtodor”, as well as independent organizations – the “Rosdornii” and “Scientific-technical center “highway quality control” in Kiev.

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Gepostet von Service avtomobilnih dorg the region Zhitomirsky am Montag, 24. Juni 2019


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