On the beach of Wales found a huge body of an unknown animal


На пляже Уэльса обнаружили огромный орган неизвестного животногоTerrible discovery was found by a local farmer.

On the coast of Wales town of England were thrown a claw of an unknown animal of enormous size.

It is difficult to imagine the appearance of this huge crustaceans. The lobster claw was found by a local farmer Sean Krijnen. The man said that he was very surprised when found twenty centimeters claw, which is comparable in size to the lobster itself.

Claw was even greater than the palm of a farmer. It is clearly visible in the photo. Sean suggests that this giant lobster was about fifty years old.

На пляже Уэльса обнаружили огромный орган неизвестного животного

The estimated weight of the giant – about eight kilograms. Amazing how such a mutant could swim in the water of Wales, it is usually a huge creature found in the North Atlantic ocean (around the United States and Canada). It was there that the catch of large crustaceans to 60 cm in length and weighing 5-6 kg.

Also earlier on the shore was found the liver of an unknown animal, the size of which shocked scientists. And although there is speculation that these remains belong to the shark, it is worth noting that these animals swim at a depth of several kilometers under water, and why the remains were on land and could not figure out.


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