On satellite images of Antarctica got unusual objects


На космические снимки Антарктиды попали необычные объекты The origin of large formations on the surface of the continent is still unknown.

The melting of ancient ice opens the mysterious objects. Recently, virtual researchers on photographs of the Antarctic area noticed two strange object that seemed made of ice. Seen objects differed decent size.

One has dimensions 50х30 meters, and the second 30×30 meters. Ufologists have attributed to the objects of alien origin. The distance between the objects was six kilometers.

Some experts suggest that over the frozen terrain in the past crashed alien ship and its parts remained on the snow-covered areas.

It is noteworthy that in Antarctica regularly find certain mysterious objects or designs. Scientists assume that early in this area and could successfully exist in a highly developed civilization.

Because climate change has occurred glaciation of the continent, and all the inhabitants killed. It is important to note that this is only speculation, not truth.


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