On Mars, found the crystals with strange patterns


На Марсе найдены кристаллы со странными узорами The Rover recorded on the photo patterns, stars and butterflies, is located on the rock.

The Rover Curiosity, of NASA controlled, studied a Martian rock ridge. The Rover has recorded a number of bizarre protuberances in the form of butterflies, stars, etc..

Data fancy crystals has long been known to geologists: the same shape can be observed on earth in place of dried lakes. Scientists are trying to find alternative versions of the origin of those crystals which are found in the crest of Faith Rubin (in the lower area of mount sharp, located in Gale crater).

The main task of experts is to learn the age of the crystals and to relate the period of their formation to the period of accumulation of sediment around these crystals. The scientists have to perform other rocks are found in the same place to find out the history of Mars.

Other materials for study are comparable in size to rice grains education, mineral rocks in which bright areas are replaced by dark, etc.

На Марсе найдены кристаллы со странными узорами


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